Ben Carson may be the greatest neurosurgeon...Follow up

Ben Carson may be the greatest neurosurgeon...Follow up

This is a follow up to yesterday’s piece about Dr. Ben Carson.  In case you missed that one, you can read it here.

As anyone who writes will tell you, one of the toughest things about writing is to sit down and start writing.  One of the other toughest things is knowing when to stop writing.

You reach a point where you’ve said all you need to say and anything you add after that falls into the category of “yada, yada, yada.”

Then, of course, once you do stop writing, you’ve got to go back and eliminate about 25% of your pearls of wisdom.  It’s a little bit like cutting off the fingers that you use the least.

Anyway, I cut the following out of yesterday’s piece, but I couldn’t quite cut it out of my mind.

Dr. Ben Carson recently sat down to breakfast with CNBC’s John Harwood for an informal chat.  During their chat, Harwood asked Carson about his stance on (against) gay marriage.  Carson said that if you legalize marriage between homosexuals, then other groups are going to want the same thing.

Harwood repeatedly asked Carson what the heck he was talking about, but Carson continued to play coy.  He said, with a twinkle in his eye that everyone knew that there were other groups.  You can read and watch that very strange exchange here.

Harwood said that he honestly had no idea as to what other groups Carson was referring.  I still have no idea what other groups are going to ask for the Supreme Court to bless their unions.

That’s the thing about this guy.  There isn’t more to him than meets the eye, there’s less.  A lot less.  He’s got weird stuff rattling around in his brain that he either can’t express or that he knows is just too crazy to verbalize.

Dr. Carson seems very kindly, very grandfatherly.  Then again, so did Cliff Huxtable.


Carson is a low talker, especially for a politician who needs to be heard over the din of 13 competing rivals.  The thing is, I don’t think he’s talking to anyone in particular or even to anyone else.  I think he’s talking to himself, just to see how those voices in his head sound when he verbalizes their words.

His fervent supporters don’t seem to actually hear what he’s saying, they just like what he represents.  He’s the classic American success story heaped on top of fundamental religious doctrine and a private pipeline to imaginary demons.

There’s something strange about Dr. Ben Carson.  I don’t think he’s putting all his cards on the table, and I don’t think he’s playing with all his marbles.  How can we possibly let him play with our football?

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