Republicans and the NRA want to put an end to our nation's weekly school shootings

Republicans and the NRA want to put an end to our nation's weekly school shootings

Republicans and the NRA want to put an end to our nation’s weekly school shootings.  That’s my headline and I’m sticking to it.  If you don’t believe it, congratulations.  Your brain is still working.

With regards to any kind of sensible gun control, gun violence or school shootings, Republicans and the NRA want to do one thing only:  Sell guns.

Back in the days of economic growth, when America invested in the future, they used to say that what was good for General Motors was good for the country.  It wasn’t said cynically, it was just generally true.  Whatever kept GM pumping out cars was good for working America.

It’s a little different now.  For today’s legislators, whatever’s good for the people who fund their campaigns and fly them and their families to Turks and Caicos is good for America.  Even though it’s usually not.  Good for America, that is.

The NRA got a law passed that makes it illegal for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to investigate the cause(s) of gun violence.

The meat packers got a law passed that makes it illegal for anyone (you, me, a reporter, for example) to take pictures in a slaughter house.

Big Pharma got a law passed that makes it illegal for Medicare to negotiate prices with the drug companies.

Congress repealed a law that would have prevented senators, congressmen and their staffers from engaging in insider trading.

Hopefully, you see a pattern here.  Understanding our government is like solving crimes on Law and Order.  Just follow the money.

The featured image (above) shows NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre getting a $600,000 check from Smith & Wesson.  Did I hear someone ask, “What’s that all about, Bob?”

I’m glad you asked.

S&W does two things.  They make guns and then they sell those guns.  We can assume that Smith & Wesson didn’t give Mr. LaPierre $600K because he built a really swell .44 Magnum.  We’re going to have make a leap here and postulate that they gave LaPierre and the NRA six hundred grand because they (NRA) help them (S&W) do that other thing.  The selling guns thing.

Ever since that black guy moved into the White House, the folks handing out those big checks have been honing an ingenious strategy to sell more guns and more ammo.  It’s called fear, as in “The black guy is coming to get our guns!”

It’s not just the NRA and Smith & Wesson handing out checks.  There’s Colt, Ruger, Glock, Sig Sauer, Winchester, Beretta, Bushmaster, Remington and Heckler & Koch, to name just some of them.

They say the truth will set you free, so here’s the truth:

It’s not about the 2nd Amendment, it never was.  It’s about selling guns.

I have a gun.  OK,  guns.  And there’s another one I have my eye on.  All right, I have my eye on two pistols and a tactical shotgun, but I haven’t heard of any kind of gun control that would prevent me from getting them.

I’m a collector, what can I say?

Before you start yabbering about the 2nd Amendment, close your eyes and say the first four words out loud.  Couldn’t do it, could you?  They are “A well organized militia…”

I am not part of a well organized militia, are you?  Neither was Chris Harper-Mercer, the shooter at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.  Neither was Adam Lanza, the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Why are we so worried about the 2nd Amendment?  Have you heard anyone actually say that they wanted to repeal the 2nd Amendment?  I’m not talking about the crazy conspiracy emails you get from your cousin, Bubba, holed up in a tree somewhere in Michigan.  Have you actually heard it with your own ears?

Of course you haven’t.

Mike Huckabee can’t understand why Liberals are after the 2nd Amendment.  He says they never attack the 1st Amendment, which isn’t exactly true.  All this political correctness we impose upon ourselves puts a little bit of a muzzle on our rights to free speech, but that changes with the times.  Currently, Muslims and Mohammed are protected classes.

Even with rampant free speech, though there are some restrictions.  You can’t yell “Fire” in a movie theater.  You can’t engage in hate speech, which is a little bit like pornography.  You know it when you hear it.

Very conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that the right to bear arms is not unlimited.  Nobody’s calling him a Liberal.

The first thing we hear after a school (or church) shooting is that it’s not the gun’s fault, which is true.  It’s our fault if don’t do anything to try to stop the next one.

Marco Rubio said that universal background checks wouldn’t have stopped Chris Harper-Mercer from getting a gun (13, actually).  Maybe he’s right, but there might be someone out there who could be prevented from acquiring a gun and he could be the one who is planning a shooting at Rubio’s kids’ school.

It would be sad, but at least it wouldn’t be the gun’s fault.

Clearly, we’re not going to stop all senseless violence.  Maybe we should just try to prevent one act of senseless violence and go from there.

One of the GOP 17 said that gun laws only work on law abiding gun owners.  That’s a very deceptive argument.

First of all, no one’s asking law abiding gun owners to do anything.  I can pass any background check, can’t you?
The question is, why should someone who can’t pass a background check be able to go to a gun show and buy a gun?

Gun shops pay taxes and obey gun laws.  Why they should they be at a disadvantage to any yahoo with a folding table and an army jacket?

Gun laws need to be universal.  That means for everyone in every state.  No more straw buyers,  bringing in guns from Indiana and Missouri and passing them out in Chicago neighborhoods.

Why can’t we be smart while still enjoying our right to bear arms?

Jeb Bush said “stuff happens.”  Not if you don’t let it happen.  As Florida’s governor, Jeb signed a bill requiring pool owners to put a fence around their pools and he did it after only one drowning.

Then again, no one was paying Jeb to sell pools.  The fence lobby must’ve gotten to him.

Ben Carson said the solution to school shootings is to have the students rush the shooter.  Smart guy.  We may have to change the saying, “It’s not brain surgery.”

I think the only thing Carson would be charging is a new pair of pants at the closest Walmart.

Another of the GOP 17-I don’t remember which one, I can’t tell the difference anymore-said that stronger gun laws wouldn’t work because criminals wouldn’t abide by them.  That may be true.  Murderers, rapists and bank robbers don’t respect the laws against murder, rape and bank robbing.

Maybe we should repeal all those laws.

Without deference to Dr. Carson, this isn’t brain surgery.  It’s common sense.  Mothers are trying to save their kids.  Idiots are trying to save their guns.  The main difference is that only the kids are in danger.


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