Drone crash kills roofer, puppy saved

Drone crash kills roofer, puppy saved
image: bbc.com

Two drones, both on experimental delivery missions from two of America’s largest retailers crashed today over a house in a suburb north of Chicago.  Both drones were making deliveries to the Lincolnwood (IL) house over which they crashed.

In the wake of the crash, the falling UAVs (Unmanned Airborne Vehicles) knocked a workman off the roof of the house into a row of hedges, where a colony of hornets had built a nest.

The roofer, allergic to the insects’ stings, died enroute to the hospital with an estimated 200 hornet stings, mostly on his torso and arms.

A puppy being delivered to the house by one of the drones was spared serious injury because its fall was cushioned by the roofer’s head.  The puppy was rescued from the roof by the Lincolnwood Fire Department.

Ironically, the second drone was delivering puppy food and wee wee pads.

The retailers operating the experimental drone programs asked not to be identified, although one of them might sound like Blamazon, while the other one might sound like Ballmart.

NOTE:  Above anecdote is purely a figment of the author’s off-piste imagination

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