Jamin' Leather may NOT be the place to shop online

Jamin' Leather may NOT be the place to shop online

Jamin’ Leather may not be the place to buy your leather riding gear. The following is my experience, you can decide for yourself:

JUNE 25, 2015:   I ordered a pair of Women’s size Medium chaps for my wife, Broomhilda from Jamin’ Leather for $139.99. That amount was immediately charged to my PayPal account.

JUNE 26:   Jamin’ Leather emailed me that there is a 6-8 week back order on the chaps I ordered and advised that I could cancel the order if I so desired, which I did.  I canceled the order immediately.  It’s easy for 6-8 weeks to turn in 10-12 weeks or more.

JUNE 27:   “Helga,” which I assume is a made-up name emailed me that Jamin’ Leather just got a shipment of the chaps in Broomhilda’s size and they could be shipped right out.

I know, this is where I went stupid.  I should have known better. I should have been suspicious that the chaps went from back-ordered for 6-8 weeks to,Hey, we just got them in.”

Call it wishful thinking on my part.   Maybe I was too busy fantasizing about how Broomhilda would look in those chaps to think clearly  (FYI: chaps are, by definition an assless garment).


JUNE 29:  Jamin’ Leather sent me a shipment notification.  Whoo hoo, Broomhilda’s chaps are on the way!

JULY 2:   (My birthday, no less)  Broomhilda excitedly tried on her new chaps, only to discover that she was not remotely in the ball park of fitting into them.  They were not just too big, they were so big that they fit me and I wear a Mens size Large.

By no stretch of the imagination could those chaps have been construed as being a Women’s size Medium, unless you’re basing it on an average size woman weighing in at about 200 pounds.


Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the size tag that should have been sewn into the garment was cut off. “Helga” said that she remembered measuring the chaps before they were sent out and the tag removal must have happened at the factory.  Seriously.


If you find Helga’s explanation plausible, you would be the first.  The consensus of opinion is that once they had my money, they didn’t want to give it back.  My kids are the same way.  The difference is that I love my kids, but I don’t have to shop at Jamin’ Leather.


July 3:  I dropped the chaps at the post office, sending them back from whence they came.  Postage was $11.09.

JULY 13:   PayPal refunded me $120.87.  That was a $124.79 refund from Jamin’ Leather less the PayPal service fee of $3.92.

Jamin’ Leather imposed a $15.20 penalty for me returning chaps that couldn’t possibly fit my wife and were mysteriously missing a size tag.

If you’ve been following the math, I’m now out $30.21 and have nothing to show for it.  The chaps Jamin’ Leather sent Broomhilda were of no more value to my wife than a buggy whip.

buggy whip

Essentially, I’m out $30.21 because Jamin’ Leather sent me a buggy whip.

Now, if you’re trying to put together a scenario with the chaps and the buggy whip, let’s hold that thought for another blog.

Whether the tag was removed at the factory or at Jamin’ Leather is irrelevant, although I have yet to find anyone who believes it happened at the factory.  Jamin’ Leather sent me something they knew I would be returning and it cost me round trip shipping plus PayPal fees.

Conventional wisdom says that it was their intention from the get to send us the chaps in the wrong size and then try to get Broomhilda to pick out another style in her size.

It’s not even that original a scam, which makes my believing that they suddenly had the right size all the more embarrassing.

One lady in their accounting department said that she wished I would let them “fix the problem.” As I told her, the only “fix” for this problem is for them to return my shipping costs.  I reminded her of the old saying:  “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”

I already know that the chaps my wife wants will be out of stock until the riding season is over.  What can they possibly do for me at this point and how dumb would I have to be to take them at their word?

If you would like to see all the emails and pictures, please feel free to email me and I will happily share them with you.  Or you can email your own online horror story and we can start a new blog.

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