What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?

What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?

What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?    That’s a fair question, although it’s generally futile to try to differentiate between different kinds of idiots.

Amidst the back drop of gun-toting Southerners, the title question seems to beg itself.

I was imagining a guy on his way to Bible study that fateful evening in Charleston, SC, grabbing his gun off the dresser and shoving it into his waistband when his wife chirps up, “What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?”

I tried to put myself into that picture, but it was a hard sell.  First of all, I couldn’t picture myself on the way to Bible study.  I rarely enter a house of worship of my own volition and it’s not just the fear of bursting into flames.

In any case, it’s unlikely that my wife would be questioning my judgement while I was holding a loaded weapon.

It’s a fair question, though and I’m guessing that the answer probably depends more on your feelings about guns, in general than your feelings about Bible study.

At first blush, Bible study seems like a pretty safe place to go on a Wednesday night.   It was anything but safe on that Wednesday night, June 17, 2015.

When Dylan Roof walked into Emanuel EME Church that night, he knew exactly what he was going to do.  His crime was calculated and premeditated.  For the rest of the world, though there was no way to know what was about to happen or where it was going to take place.

From the perspective of the rest of the world,  the hatred that exploded from Dylan Roof that night was a random act of violence.  Unexpected and unpredictable.

Therein lies the problem.  Random acts of violence occur  when you are not expecting them and in places where you might never expect them.  Schools, theaters, malls and churches are all legitimate targets for the crazies and for the haters.

So, what kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?  Maybe the kind of idiot who used to be a Boy Scout.  Isn’t their motto, “Always be prepared?”

I don’t see a point in delving too deeply into the whole gun morass here, there’s no upside to that discussion.  No good resolution, either.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but I also think it’s been grossly over-used, abused and misinterpreted.  Literature from the NRA never focuses on the first four words of the 2nd Amendment:

“A well regulated Militia…..”


Not every gap-toothed redneck, driving around in a pickup truck with a gun rack is a member of a well regulated Militia.

In the real world, the anti-gun people have an uphill battle.  It’s absurd to ask law abiding folks to give up their guns when there’s nothing anyone can do to get the guns away from the gang bangers or the terrorists.

Making guns illegal won’t get them off the streets.  It hasn’t worked with drugs or anything else.  Laws can’t prevent crimes, they can only provide a framework for prosecuting those crimes.

I’m sure it’s small comfort to a woman knowing that her rapist is breaking the law.

At this time, I can neither confirm nor deny that I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon.  For some who are so licensed, there is the dilemma of when and where that weapon should be carried.  Illinois law stipulates many places where it is not legal for a licensee to carry a concealed weapon, but that still leaves many venues in a gray area.

In March. a gun-toting man at a high school choir program was briefly questioned by police.  It turned out that he was legally carrying the gun which, in Michigan can only be carried openly when the carrier is in a public school.

When I first heard the story, I asked myself-yes, you guessed it:  “What kind of an idiot brings a gun to a high school choir program?”

Then I thought about it.  What if some idiot had a gun that day in Sandy Hook Elementary School when Adam Lanza went on his rampage?  Or in that theater in Aurora, CO when James Holmes opened fire?  Or in that church in Charleston, SC when Dylan Roof drew his gun?

You have to think of a gun the same way you think of a spare tire.

If you’re like most people, you will probably not be changing a tire anytime in the near future.  Maybe not anytime at all.  So, why are you schlepping that thing around, taking up space in your trunk and using extra gas in the bargain?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even know how to use the jack in your trunk.  You probably agree, though that a spare tire is one of those things that you are better off having and not needing than the other way around.

Same thing with a gun.

About guns (for Jack):  
1.  Most accidental, household shootings occur with an “unloaded” weapon.  Assume any gun you see is loaded.
2.  What do you call an unloaded gun?   A paperweight.  

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