Donald Trump is Absolutely Right about Absolutely Everything

Donald Trump is Absolutely Right about Absolutely Everything

Donald Trump has never been wrong about anything.  The constant harangue from the Liberal media about the goofy things he says is nothing more than a distraction meant to derail his path to the White House.

Now, when I say that Donald Trump has never been wrong about anything, it should be understood that it’s not what I think, but it is what he thinks.  At the very least, that’s how he acts.

As for the media misreporting everything he says and taking things out of context, let’s look at one of The Donald’s most recent bloopers.

Unless you just returned from outer Siberia, you’ve heard the brouhaha about The Donald saying that Senator John McCain is not a war hero.  He followed that up by saying that McCain was only a war hero because he got captured and that he (Trump) prefers those who did not get captured.

Trumps exact words were,  “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, OK? I hate to tell you.”

It’s hard to see how this was taken out of context or how, as Trump told Matt Lauer it was Savannah Guthrie’s fault.

On the Today show, Trump said,  “Savannah started it off by saying I said that he wasn’t a war hero, I didn’t say that. And if you would have let it run just another three seconds you would have said — that I said, very clearly, he is a war hero.”

In Trump’s defense, if you can call it that he did add the following after he specifically said that McCain is not a war hero: “He’s a war hero because he was captured.  Perhaps he’s a war hero.”

So, after repeating that McCain was only a war hero because he incompetently got captured, Trump shrugged his shoulders and allowed that McCain was, “perhaps” a war hero.

The same way he said that he assumed some (Mexicans) were good people, while leaving it clear that he really believes that all Mexicans are criminals and rapists.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough said that he thought the media was doing a disservice to itself by only covering Trumps initial remarks and not making note of how many times he followed up with very feeble nods to McCain’s status as a war hero.

Scarborough’s one of the good ones, but I think he missed the boat on this.  Trump’s unfiltered remarks have to stand on their own.  It is, in this case appropriate to ignore any attempts to mollify the thoughtless, explosive diarrhea that seems to propel itself out of Trumps mouth, revealing his true feelings.

He (Trump) never apologized, but we no longer expect that kind of decency of The Donald.  His first impulse was to deny saying what millions of people heard him say.  It was only when he realized that sane people were reluctant to rewrite their own memories with his words that he tried to change the narrative.

A woman standing outside an Arizona auditorium, waiting to be first in line to see The Donald speak, succinctly explained her attraction to the candidate.  She said, “He says what he says.”


Indeed he does.

In 2008 The Donald donated almost $30K to John McCain’s Victory fund saying that he thought McCain would make a great president.   That was then, this is now

In 2004 The Donald was a pro-choice Democrat who believed that every American was entitled to quality health care.  That, too was then, but now he’s a pro life Republican who stands for traditional marriage.  Or, in his case, marriages.

What The Donald really is now is the star of his own reality show, with the 2016 presidential election as backdrop.  Talk about “The Great Race.”

Trump is not ahead in the polls, he’s ahead in the ratings.  July is a “sweeps”  month, and no one knows how to capture an audience like Donald Trump.

In Private Parts (the Howard Stern movie), Howard shot to the top of the New York radio market because people listened to him to find out what he was going to say next.  People who hated Stern listened even longer, but for the same reason.  They wanted to hear what he was going to say next.

As that lady in Arizona said, “He says what he says.”

Pundits say that people are attracted to Trump’s brutal honesty, but closer inspection will reveal that he is way more brutal than he is honest.  When the shit hits the fan, his first instinct is to deny doing or saying whatever it is that everyone knows he did or said.

When that doesn’t work, he’ll just move on and do something more outrageous, like give out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number.  Can you honestly say that’s not an asshole thing to do?

Trump actually made Graham into a sympathetic character.  Didn’t see that one coming.

During the ebola thing last year, Trump said that we shouldn’t allow our doctors to return from ebola stricken countries.  He said they should “suffer the consequences” of their selfless acts.

Are you starting to see a theme here?

Personally, I don’t think anyone’s really listening to Trump, not even his most ardent supporters.  They’re attracted to the style of the rhetoric, not the words themselves.

“Someone’s doing the raping.”

That was Trumps response to the actual facts underlying his Mexican rapist remarks.  It wasn’t that rapists were coming into the country, but that women and girls were being raped by ruthless “coyotes,” who prey upon their defenseless victims trying to find a better life for themselves.

Point in fact is that the raping was being done on the Mexican side of the border.  Points in fact, however are not The Donald’s stock and trade.  Incendiary rhetoric is.

“Oh, boy, is ISIS going to be in trouble.”  That would be the sum total of Trump’s foreign policy.

I don’t even know where to file the stuff about building a fence around Mexico and getting them to pay for it.  Or charging them $100,000 for every illegal immigrant they “send” us.

Of course, his five deferments-one for a bone spur in one of his feet, he can’t remember which-make him “the biggest and the best at the military.”  That is how he described himself at his rambling announcement speech, but he’ll get no argument from me.

I would defy the most accomplished military strategists to explain what the heck he means by that.  What is it to be the “biggest and the best at the military?”  Is that something he learned in military high school?

Anyone listening to Trump would know that he’s not really saying anything.  He’s got no agenda, no plan for America and, unlike John McCain no sense of duty, no sense of honor and no impetus to do anything for anyone but himself.

Clearly, some of the stuff Trump says is stuff people might think, but never say themselves.  That’s because most of us have a functional part of our brain that prevents us from blurting out every single thought.

With his rhetoric, Trump is appealing to the worst in all of us and he knows it.  It might be fun to turn him loose on the Chinese, but do we want to have him do it as the official spokesperson for America?

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