Tomorrow: Fact or fiction?

Tomorrow: Fact or fiction?





The only problem with getting a topic at 9:00 PM about which you must publish a finished, cogent blog by 10:00 PM is…the whole thing.  That’s the problem, the whole thing.

Producing an impromptu blog in an hour isn’t necessarily harder than having all day to do it, especially when you can’t seem to buy a blog topic with a handful of twenty dollar bills.  It is, however one of life’s little stressors  .

Tonight’s assignment is  “Write about your tomorrow. Not figuratively, literally write about anything that you hope, fear, believe, expect — anything — that you may experience tomorrow.”

That seems easy enough.  My internal clock will wake me up tomorrow morning at 6:15 and I will try to remember if I remembered to put the coffee up tonight.  Which will, at that point be last night.

After a couple super sized mugs of coffee I’ll do some stuff on the computer and then head for the gym.  On the way home from the gym,  I’ll try to confirm and arrange a couple of afternoon chit chats.  Take a meeting, as they say in L.A..

He did say “literally,” but I’m not sure that’s what he meant.  Maybe it was more like tomorrow, as in the future.


We’re planning a motorcycle trip in August, heading to upstate New York.  I’ll have to make a list of things that need to be gone over on our bikes, mine and my wife’s.  Change the oil, check the tires, check the brakes, do all the little repairs that I haven’t done in the past two years.  Stuff like that.

I have tickets to see Soul Asylum and the Meat Puppets at the House of Blues June 7.

If you’re thinking that none of this is what Mr. Editor had in mind, you’re probably right.  See what I mean?  This can be a bitch.  I’m literally writing down thoughts as they come into my mind.  I think they call this stream of consciousness .

What exactly is tomorrow?  Seems like a stupid question, but is it?


No one will disagree that it is, right now today.  If you wake up and you’re not sure if it’s today, just turn on Channel 5 (or your NBC affiliate) and you will see that it is, indeed Today.

When does tomorrow ever arrive?  Today will always be today.  Even tomorrow.

Yesterday was today once, but no more.

Tomorrow is always an idea.  A concept.  A dream.  For some it will never come.

For those of us lucky enough to be here tomorrow, it will likely not unfold as we are imagining it today.  That may be one of the best things about tomorrow.  It is unpredictable.

For pessimists like me (I consider myself a realist), the future has a lot more potential disasters on the horizon than it does happy surprises.  Think about it: war, inflation (don’t let them fool you with those made-up numbers), antibiotic resistant bugs, drought, floods, climate change, terrorists.

And those are on the “happy surprises” list.

Yet, I sit here today, thinking about tomorrow.  And the day after tomorrow.

It’s the old Jew in me that constantly reminds myself of one our time honored adages:  “Man plans, God laughs.”

I try not to plan, but wouldn’t it be something if the sun really did come out tomorrow?



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