A Jew and Mexican walk into a bar......and one of them walks out mayor of Chicago

A Jew and Mexican walk into a bar......and one of them walks out mayor of Chicago

It’s fun to think about Chicago’s two mayoral candidates being a Jew and Mexican.  It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it isn’t.  It’s one of the great things about the City of Chicago.  It’s one of the great things about living in America.

Even their names are fun.  Chuy and Rahm.  They could be played by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

I read a review Mark Brown wrote for the Sun-Times last week on the final mayoral debate.  You can read Brown’s article here.

Like me, Brown’s a suburbanite, watching the Chicago mayoral election from he sidelines.  Unlike me, he seems torn as to whether the Jew or the Mexican would make the best mayor.

I have to admit that Chuy looked pretty good last week.  The truth is, I never thought that Rahm was a very effective public speaker, but he looked especially bad in last week’s face-off.

Chuy was calm and collected.  He spoke clearly with a good mix of humor, anger and introspection.  He didn’t say anything we haven’t heard before, but he defended his son’s past admirably.

Rahm seemed edgy and defensive.  He spent most of the time clarifying and explaining points which are, ultimately meaningless to voters.

Chuy’s main argument is that he will be a mayor who listens to the people.   The downside of that campaign promise is that it offers no solutions to the problems of the city he wants to manage.

Sadly, Chuy’s offered no specifics on anything.  Back on March 3, he said that he was going to solve the city’s financial problems by appointing a “committee of experts” the day after the election.

Chuy didn’t specify exactly what would qualify one for his panel of “experts,” nor did he speculate as to what type of solutions they might be looking for.  Or why he hasn’t convened the panel before now.

When Chuy talks about mysterious  sources of revenue, most people understand that to mean new and increased taxes.

Rahm rubs a lot of people the wrong way.  His style is confrontational and his take-no-prisoners approach can make him seem imperious and out of touch.  It’s undeniable, though that he is the only candidate with a shot at reviving Chicago’s fiscal health and the voters know it.

Chuy may be appointing a panel of experts on April 8, but they’ll be meeting in his basement.

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