Chris Matthews takes Netanyahu to task on the two-state solution

Chris Matthews takes Netanyahu to task on the two-state solution

On his show, Hardball, Chris Matthews questioned Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu’s motives for appearing before a joint session of the U.S. Congress.  He never questioned the motives of Speaker of the House, John Boehner, who invited Bibi to appear.

Boehner’s singular motivation allows little room for speculation.

That speech is old news now and the letter to Iran signed by 47 Republican Senators has replaced it in the news cycle.  Besides that, only Netanyahu, himself knows what motives led him to address the Congress.

It’s impossible for the specter of an uphill political battle not to have been heavy on Bibi’s mind.  Whether that was his sole motivation or just one of many factors he considered is only for us to conjecture.

It’s tough to question the sincerity of Netanyahu’s warnings about Iran.  Yes, they are warnings he has been issuing since 1992, but that doesn’t make the looming menace of a nuclear Iran any less real.  Or less ominous.

Matthews, in so many words said that he didn’t trust Netanyahu.  He questioned Bibi’s self interest in appearing before Congress and he questioned his commitment to a two-state solution with the so-called Palestinians.

According to Matthews, Netanyahu’s lack of commitment to the two-state solution is demonstrated by his (Bibi’s) demand for concessions from the other side before Israel would sit down at the negotiating table.

To be fair, both sides have made such demands, but there is no equivalency, moral or otherwise in those demands.  Israel has asked that the other side recognize her right to exist.  That simple request would not seem out of line had it been made by any country other than Israel.

How can you begin negotiations with a group whose prime directive and overriding mission in life is to end your existence?

From the other side come requests for the cessation of home building and a return to pre-1967 borders.  In other words, we will talk about living together in peace if you stop having your people try to live among us and give us all the land you took when we tried to annihilate you.

Think of it this way:  If Israel cedes to the Palestinian demands, there’s not much left to negotiate.  The world wants Israel to stop building homes, while Israel wants the Arabs to stop building bombs.

In any case, Netanyahu was not being cagey about his commitment to the two state solution, he was being diplomatic.  The reason he is considered a hard liner is that he sees a Palestinian state as an existential threat to Israel.

The same way Israel and the rest of the world view a nuclear Iran.

Anyway, Matthews, you can stop stuttering.  On the eve of what might be a monster political blunder on Netanyahu’s part-he, himself called for this election-he pledged to the people of Israel that, if elected, he would not allow a Palestinian state.

In other words, Chris Matthews, Benjamin Netanyahu is adamantly and vehemently against the so-called two-state solution.  And rightly so.

Matthews is a knowledgeable and great fan of history.  He worked for Abraham Lincoln or someone like that.  Maybe it was Tip O’Neill.  His narrative on JFK offered great insight not only of the man but of the times that shaped him.  He gave context to the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban missile crisis, both politically and historically.

How can he be so stupid about Israel and her “neighbors?”

A Palestinian state is not a solution, but a death warrant for Israel.  Let’s put that into context.

Almost 100 years ago the English were given stewardship of big chunk of desert to be turned into a homeland for Jews who had scattered across the globe for 2,000 years.  Today, the State of Israel represents about one tenth of that land, the rest being divided among Israel’s neighboring enemies.

Lebanon was created out of this territory, as well as Jordan, West Bank and Gaza.  We won’t get into the collapse of the Ottoman Empire or the colonial struggle in the Middle East among the European nations.  It puts me to sleep, too.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: there is no such thing as land for peace.  In 2005 Israel kicked all the Jewish settlers out of their Gaza homes and bulldozed them into oblivion.  Within two years Hamas was in charge, using the Gaza territory to launch relentless attacks into Israel.



The West Bank is more than ten times the size of Gaza and her western border meanders for miles through the middle of Israel, nearly bisecting the country from east to west.  From that same western border, any one of a dozen terrorist groups could launch attacks both north and south into Israel.  A short march to the Mediterranean on the west would cut Israel in half and threaten Tel Aviv from two directions.

Think about how quickly ISIS moved through Iraq into Syria and north upon the Kurdish city of Kobani.   The one common enemy of ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and all the other crackpots of the Middle East is Israel.  A base in the West Bank would be a magnet to those who dream of seven million dead Jews and the return of a once flourishing country into a barren wasteland.

In the final analysis, Chris Matthews, you are correct.  Bibi Netanyahu is not in favor of a two-state solution.  In that same final analysis, Chris Matthews, how can anyone favor a temporary solution that will lead to a permanent extermination?

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