Tiger Woods falls victim to one of mankind's oldest plagues

Tiger Woods falls victim to one of mankind's oldest plagues

What happened to Tiger Woods in Italy yesterday just goes to show that even the rich and famous can not escape one of the universe’s immutable laws:  no good deed goes unpunished.

Tiger is one of, if not the best golfer on the planet as well as one of the most recognizable celebrities.  He’s a little less recognizable now.

Trying to be a good boyfriend-something all of us should try next month (Feb 14)-Tiger flew to Italy to watch his girlfriend ski.  In case you are TMZ-deprived, Tiger’s girlfriend is the number one female skier on the planet, Lindsey Vonn.

Skiing the super-G in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy yesterday, Vonn broke a 35-year record by becoming the first woman to win 63 World Cup races.  She already held the record-more than 20-in just the super-G.

In layman’s terms, the super-G is a timed race where the skier goes down an incredibly steep, icy hill, at break-neck speed, all the while looping in and out of flags planted in the snow.  Vonn did all that-faster than anyone else-on a re-constructed knee.

According to the Vonn camp, the skier wasn’t aware of her boyfriend’s presence until after her winning run.  According to Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, the tooth was knocked out as a videographer, caught in the crush of photographers, turned into Woods as he was trying to video the awards podium.

It may turn out that Woods forgot that he was in the middle of veneer replacement when he lowered the skeleton-patterned scarf that had been covering his face.  In either case, the resulting photo-op was a bit of bad luck for the Tiger.  All because he was trying to be a nice guy.

The featured image (above)-courtesy of thecount.com-shows the golfer’s famous toothy grin (right) and a slightly more awkward smile (left) with a big space where his left front tooth used to be.

In the image below-courtesy of usnews.com, you can see a pair of Head ski boots draped over Woods’ left shoulder.  Nice guy that he is, the super star golfer was carrying his girlfriend’s ski boots.

Tiger Tooth 2

Within seconds, that missing-toothed picture of Tiger schlepping his girlfriend’s ski boots was launched into cyberspace.  That, my friends gives new meaning to the term double bogey.


Who’s the blonde chick next to that handsome guy in the Sturgis shirt and what’s her hand doing under the table?

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