John Boehner had shocking personal relationship with bartender

John Boehner had shocking personal relationship with bartender

If you’re shocked about the current allegations that John Boehner’s bartender threatened to kill him, don’t be.  I would expect no less than a twisted, psychopathic bartender being a member of Boehner’s inner circle.  For a guy like Michael Hoyt-the bartender in question-to be that angry at Boehner, Hoyt must have felt that Boehner betrayed their special relationship.

Speaking of special relationships, there is evidence that Hoyt had exchanged emails with Mrs. Boehner.  Maybe his real plan was to keep Boehner inebriated to allow for some face time with Mrs. Boehner.

Interestingly, many are up in arms-forgive the pun-about guns and ammo found in Hoyt’s apartment.  Why would that be surprising?  After all, easy access to handguns for the mentally challenged is an integral part of the GOP platform.

Take note, Speaker Boehner.  Time to take stock of your relationship with the guy who runs the tanning booth.

More to come, if and when actual facts become available.

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