Bill Cosby heads to Denver as another accuser steps forward

Bill Cosby heads to Denver as another accuser steps forward

Las Vegas dancer Chloe Goins came forward last month with allegations of sexual abuse at the hands-or tongue-of Bill Cosby.  Last week, she filed a police report detailing those accusations.

Ms. Goins, who was once arrested for underage prostitution-you have to be 21 to have sex for money in Nevada-told Los Angeles police that she met Bill Cosby at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.  That is where the alleged assault took place.

In her statement, Goins alleges that Cosby gave her a drink which made her woozy.  He then led her to a room where she awoke, naked several hours later.  According to her statement, it was Cosby biting her toe that woke her up.  She said that he was kissing and licking her feet while masturbating.

Not exactly something you’re going to find in the Kama Sutra.  Cosby would’ve been about 71 at the time.

L.A. prosecutors are still determining if the alleged assault would be classified as a felony or misdemeanor and whether or not it had occurred within the statute of limitations, based on that classification.

Ms. Goins’ claims add her to a list of about two dozen women who say that Bill Cosby did something bad with his pudding over the last few decades.  You may think they’re all lying or that they’re all telling the truth.  You may think it’s a mixed bag; some are lying, some are not.

Cosby’s TV wife, Phylicia Rashad insists that it’s all a conspiracy to destroy his legacy.  Only she knows why anyone would do that.  Especially when half the country is busy working fervently to destroy President Obama’s legacy, which is probably more historically relevant than Cosby’s legacy.

Ms. Rashad may be in for a shock if any of the tapes from the Playboy Mansion’s famed security cameras prove Ms. Goin’s claims.  It would definitely be shocking if they still exist.

It should be noted here-albeit with a grain of assault-that Radar Online reported that Lachele Covington, an actress with a recurring role on The Cosby Show filed a police report in New York City in 2000 alleging sexual abuse by Mr. Cosby .

It’s not clear from the report if Ms. Covington dropped the charges or if the police declined to pursue the charges.

As it stands, Cosby is set to perform two sets-at 5 and 8 PM at the Buell Theater in Denver, Colorado on Saturday.  Protests are planned and Ticketmaster, promoter of the show is offering refunds to more than 3,000 ticket holders.

If you happen to be Pueblo, Colorado, Cosby will be at Memorial Hall tomorrow (Thursday) night.

This writer has no way of knowing if any of Cosby’s accusers are telling the truth and neither do you.  Some of the earlier accusers, those not working a pole in Las Vegas seem fairly credible.  It’s possible that like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, we may never know.

I can tell you this.  The Buell Theater is part of the Denver Performing Arts Center, an idyllic setting for almost any kind of entertainment.  It is also about a block from the University of Colorado-can you say coeds?-and within walking walking distance from at least two pot shops-marijuana dispensaries, if you will.

It may not be the Playboy Mansion, but it sounds like a party to me.

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