Elizabeth Lauten taught Sasha and Malia Obama a valuable lesson

Elizabeth Lauten is sending out resumes in her search for a new job.  She’s probably hoping for a spot on FOX News and she might just get one.

A former GOP operative and communication director for Republican Congressman Stephen Fincher of the 8th District of Tennessee, Lauten has gotten her tit into the wringer, so to speak.  It’s funny-not to her, I’m sure-that she stepped into it on social media, her being a communication director and all.

By now everyone knows that Lauten lambasted Sasha and Malia Obama on her Facebook page.  C’mon, Elizabeth, even Mafia guys know the kids are off limits.

Lauten isn’t the first Republican to take a shot at the Obama girls.  Both Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh took aim at Malia in 2010.

In a press conference about the BP oil spill, the President said that Malia had asked him if he had plugged the hole yet.  While he-the President-was probably just using that as a vehicle to underscore the importance of fixing the oil leak, Beck took the opportunity to mock then 12-year old Malia in a foolish, childish voice.

Limbaugh took it a step further, implying that that question showed the lack of education and sophistication that “those people” brought to the White House.

In 2012, Sarah Palin attacked both Sasha and Malia for influencing their father’s change in attitude on gay marriage.

In fairness, it hasn’t only been the Obama children under attack, but it seems like it’s only Democratic president’s children under fire and, most often, the shooter has been Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh once said that Amy Carter was the ugliest kid to ever inhabit the White House and he called Chelsea Clinton the White House dog.

Jenna and Barbara Bush made big news when they were arrested in Florida for underage drinking, but no one said that they had disgraced the nation.

Children of presidents aren’t elected and they serve no official function in any branch of our government.  Their only responsibilities are to grow up to be good citizens and to reach their full potential.

Sasha and Malia Obama seem to be well on that path.  Even if their parents weren’t the President and First Lady of the United States, it also seems that the Obama girls have some pretty good role models.

Lauten’s comments weren’t the most vicious attack ever seen on Facebook, they were mostly petty and mean spirited.  She said the girls’ attire was more appropriate for a bar than for a turkey pardoning.

Nothing worn by Sasha or Malia was remarkable, but they definitely were not dressed for bar-hopping.  I have a daughter, I know the drill.  I don’t know the dress code for turkey pardoning, but, as a parent, Sasha and Malia seemed to be dressed OK, whether they were going to the mall or to a turkey pardoning.

30-year old Elizabeth Lauten told 13-year old Sasha and 16-year old Malia to have some class.  That suggestion might have seemed less disingenuous if 30-year old Lauten could have hidden the fact that 17-year old Elizabeth was arrested for shoplifting.

Hey, she was 17.  Cut her some slack.

Reading through the blogs, the common theme among Lauten’s supporters was that she told the truth and should not be vilified for it.  Clearly, that truth is subjective.  I thought the girls were dressed appropriately for a turkey pardoning and yes, they did look bored.

I watched the turkey pardoning and I was bored.

If it’s all about the truth, I think Elizabeth Lauten is a homely woman who dresses like my dead grandmother.  She may be an alcoholic and sexually frustrated, but I would have no way of knowing that.  In any case, some truths are best kept to one’s self.

Lauten’s Facebook page rant and her subsequent apology underscore a culture of derision and self-righteousness.

Lauten doesn’t have an axe to grind with Sasha and Malia Obama.  She was only toeing the party line, the resonation of a subtext of bigotry.

They hated Barack Obama from the moment he became the candidate apparent.  The only reason they plucked a nut job like Sarah Palin out of obscurity to run as John McCain’s V.P. is that they couldn’t believe that their white country could possibly elect a black president.

We hate Barack Obama and we’re not going to let pettiness or reality stand in the way of our constant attacks, even if it means that his children will become collateral damage.  Even if we are the party of family values.

In her apology, Lauten said that she prayed for hours and talked to her parents and finally realized how hurtful her words might have been.  Really?  You had to ask your parents if you’re a bitch?

Lauten’s retreat to God was way too cliche and raises a couple of questions in my mind, and probably in yours, as well.

1.  How many hours of prayer should it have taken for Elizabeth to see the error of her rant?
2.  If she’s such a great Christian, as she wants us to believe, with all the prayer stuff, why was she attacking teenage girls in a worldwide forum in the first place?

In Matthew 15:11 Jesus says that it is what comes out of a person’s mouth-or, in modern times, out of their keyboard-that defiles them.

Now I feel bad about calling her ugly.

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