Is there such a thing as a perfect day?

Thanks to the movie, “The Bucket List”, everyone’s got one.  Brittany Maynard, a 29-year old Oregonian with brain cancer fulfilled one of the wishes on her bucket list this weekend with a visit to the Grand Canyon.

Maynard plans to take her life next month under Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act.

Like everyone else, the movie inspired thoughts of my own bucket list.  I didn’t really identify with either character, though.  Edward, played by Jack Nicholson was the wealthy, but lonely guy with the bucket list.   Carter, played by Morgan Freeman was the happy working man.

Me, I’m just a guy with no bucket list.

Maybe I’m just lucky.  I’ve done a lot of stuff, some just for fun, some just to see if I could.  I can’t honestly say, though that there’s anything I just have to do before I die.  For the most part, I’m probably going to die a pretty happy guy.

If I was pressed to pick someone with whom I’d like to trade places for a day, I think I could whittle that list down to about three people.

The first would be John Travolta.  Not because of the white suit or the Saturday Night Fever thing, but in spite of it.  The one thing-two, actually-about Travolta that I covet are his airplanes.  Not just his airplanes, in fact, but his house at which he parks his airplanes.

John’s cul-de-sac is a taxiway off a runway long enough to land his 747, a gift from Qantas Airlines.  He also has a customized 727 that he uses for family trips.

Imagine looking out your window in the morning and seeing two airplanes sitting in your driveway at your beck and call.

Travolta’s no weekend, yuppie pilot, either.  He’s an acclaimed aviator who once landed his plane in Washington, DC through a thick layer of clouds with a non-functional electrical system.

Spending a day being John Travolta, flying from here to there and back again would, indeed be a bucket wish kind of a day.

Being Richard Branson for a day would be another kind of bucket wish day.  The guy just oozes cool and devours life with incredible gusto.

The thing about Branson is that he started his amazing journey in a crappy little record store and grew it into an iconic chain.  Then he took his Virgin brand and applied the same business savvy to a cell phone carrier, an airline and coming soon, space travel.

i could definitely see myself spending a day-or ten-as Richard Branson.

Elon Musk rounds out my top three.  He’s more than an entrepreneur, more than just about anything one man should be.   He’s created business models and industries out of thin air.

From PayPal to Tesla to SpaceX, Musk is on the cutting edge of civilization.  Like the namesake of his car company, Nicola Tesla, Musk has created things that were just daydreams to ordinary man.

I think the perfect day might be spending 24 hours inside the head of Elon Musk.  Surely I will emerge  from that experience a more ambitious bloke.  Either that or my mind will be blown to the point where I spend the rest of my life watching I Love Lucy reruns and staring vacantly into my back yard.

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