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ISIS scores a major victory in the Senate, gets 72 votes

ISIS has accomplished something that President Obama hasn’t been able to do on his own for the past 6 years.  They’ve scored a true, bi-partisan majority vote in the United States Senate. So Herculean was this effort, that Congress left Washington exhausted,  prescribing itself a full 7 weeks to recover. While not as exciting as... Read more »

Adrian Peterson was banned from his team. Maybe he should be banned from his family

“We want to get it right” seems the refrain of the National Football League these days.  Either that or,”We just didn’t get it right last time.”  For a bunch of rich, hard-nosed business guys running billion dollar organizations, they seem to want an awful lot of do-overs. One guy is banned, then re-instated, then banned... Read more »

Tipping is not a city in China

There is a Taiping, China, famous for some sort of rebellion in the mid-1800’s, but there isn’t a city named Tipping.  As a matter of fact, until the recent influx of Western (not to be confused with Best Western) hotels in China, tipping was largely unknown. Like blue jeans and hula hoops, tipping is another... Read more »

Did Ray Rice punch Janay Palmer or was it an open-handed slap?

When you watch TV in ZOOM mode, you lose some of the images that appear around the edges of the screen.  For example, when I use the channel guide, which normally displays information about three consecutive channels, I can only see the top two. Watching the most recent video of the elevator altercation between Ray... Read more »

For Heaven's sake, let's just invade somebody

If you got the irony of the headline, good for you. If you didn’t, all is not lost.  Irony may not be all it’s cracked up to be. The question left dangling last week READ IT HERE is what we can do about ISIS. A year ago, folks like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Dick... Read more »

3 reasons why ISIS is a BIG deal

ISIS-or ISIL, if you prefer is not only the real deal, it’s a very BIG deal.  First things first, though, let’s figure out what to call them. The actual Arabic name transliterated into our linguistic lexicon would be “al dawla al islamiyye f’il iraq w’al sham.”  The first part means “Islamic State of Iraq and”…’s... Read more »