The President wasn't wearing a tie

I was watching FOX News last night-I know, right?-and a round table of anchors/pundits/bobbleheads was discussing President Obama’s reaction to the barbaric beheading of journalist, James Foley.

Let’s face it.  All those Islamist animals, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban…whatever they call themselves.  They have no regard for human life, much less human rights or dignity.  They want to kill everyone who doesn’t share their EXACT beliefs and subjugate women.  They want the world to live in the 11th Century, a place I fear certain groups want to take America when they say, “Take America back”.

Anyway, there were some blonde women and some guys on the panel, other than that it was hard to tell them apart.  They all share some great journalistic traits, though.  Their comments are completely unfiltered, they seem to have no sense of history or context and their relationship with facts can only be described as “challenged”.

For the most part, it was background noise until I heard one of the males on the panel say that the President should have been more respectful to the family of James Foley.  He should have worn a tie.

That’s when I switched to South Park.

When President Bush spoke from Ground Zero on September 14, 2001, he was dressed in slacks, an open shirt and a windbreaker.  It was one of his shining moments and I don’t think a tie would have enhanced that moment one bit.

Whether they watched the video of their son being beheaded or not, John and Diane Foley will be haunted by that image for the rest of their lives.  I’m having a hard time figuring out how the President wearing a tie would benefit the Foley’s or anyone else.

I try to picture myself hating the President of the United States so much that I could convince myself that he was responsible for all the evils of what turns out to be a very evil world.

I don’t think I could do it.

I’ve never actually hated a president, although Nixon made my skin crawl.  He was creepy, right?

I didn’t think G.W. had the intellectual curiosity to be president and he’s a bit lacking in the critical thinking department.  He was also led astray by a nefarious group of self-serving pseudo-patriots, but he’s a likeable guy.

Unbeknownst to many people, George W. Bush supported humanitarian aid to the people of Africa.  Sadly, he presided over one of the worst craterings (is that a word?) of the U.S. economy in history, but his policies were only contributing factors.

I think Bush was a bad president, but he was a good guy and he did some cool stuff.  Love him or hate him, give him his due.

That Obama, guy, though gets no credit, no way, no how.  I don’t even know why he ran for a second term.

In 2008 it seemed like the economies of most of the world were sliding into the oceans.  In addition to fertilizer and carbon monoxide.

Lending in America was frozen and we were losing 750,000 jobs a month.  General Fucking Motors was going out of business.  The headlines read like a George Orwell novel.

In March of 2009, a young President Barack Obama, just 2 months on the job said that it was time for us to stand up and show our confidence in American companies and the American people.

The stock market bottomed out the next day and began an unprecedented 5-year rally taking stock indexes to all-time highs.  Economic growth has been slow, but steady, the unemployment rate has declined as job growth increased.

American companies are sitting are record stockpiles of cash.  Our so-called job creators.

If you’ve heard anyone on the Right side of the aisle or anyone on FOX News mention the President in connection with any of those events, you were probably dreaming.  This president, for reasons that are all too obvious, can do no right.

So far, no one’s blamed Obama for Russian hackers stealing a billion passwords, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Senator John I-spent-5-years-in-the-Hanoi-Hilton McCain find a way to pin that on Obama’s “weakness”.

In McCain’s mind, Vladimir Putin would cower in fear if President John McCain was in the White House.  As if a guy like Putin gives a shit.  It’s not like Bush did anything when Putin invaded Georgia.

God bless Senator McCain and thank you for your service and your sacrifice, but can anyone go through that ordeal and not succumb, eventually to some very scrambled thinking?

I got an interesting text a couple days ago from someone who only texts me if he needs directions to a destination.  I may have to get him a Garmin for Christmas.

So, out of the blue this guy asks me if I think the President should have attended the funeral of Major General Harold Greene, the highest ranking officer killed in a combat zone since Vietnam.

Like all such questions, I assumed this one was an accusation.  Why he decided to ask me, I have no idea.

For the record, it is the policy of the Executive Branch NOT to attend military funerals.  It is usually the Secretary of State who goes to such events and, indeed, Chuck Hagel attended Maj. Gen. Greene’s funeral.

When Major General John Dillard was killed in Vietnam in 1970, President Nixon did not attend his funeral.

When Lt. General Timothy Maude was killed in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, President Bush did not attend his funeral. That is the policy of the Executive Branch for many reasons.  Some good, some not so good.

I was standing in front of funeral home in Schaumburg a few weeks ago.  Why I was standing there is another story, but I can tell you two things:  One is that the deceased was a Vietnam veteran and the other is that where there’s a wake, there’s cookies.

A couple of the deceased’s friends came out of the funeral home and we struck up a conversation.  The men, also Vietnam veterans eventually got around to the way they felt about their treatment when they returned to the States after their service.

In case you don’t know, returning servicemen were often treated very poorly during the Vietnam War.

In the middle of the conversation, one of the men angrily shook his head and said, “I’m so sick of this president”.  The implication being, I think was that somehow Barack Obama was responsible for the lack of respect suffered by American military personnel back in 1968.

This president is so bad, that he had a dispiriting effect on America when he was just 7 years old.

NBC News in Chicago no longer has a Weather Team, they have a Storm Team.  Their new slogan is “Ready for the unexpected”.

Why they need a Storm Team is a mystery.  We have a lot of weather, but not a lot of storms.  While some people may think it’s a good thing that they’re “Ready for the unexpected”, it gives me pause.

These people are professional meteorologists and weather forecasters.  Why should the weather be “unexpected”?

Similarly, media outlets like FOX News have lulled people into believing they really are a news outlet.  Viewers assimilate FOX’s half-truths, innuendos and outright fabrications as their own opinions.  We’ve gotten lazy that way.

James Foley died to bring us the truth.  Fox News is dying to have you believe Rupert Murdoch’s version of the truth.

Wearing ties doesn’t make that any more respectful.

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