We must destroy Israel and annhialate the Jews

We must destroy Israel and annhialate the Jews

You may find the headline of my little blog-thing horrifying, but keep it in mind.  It is the guiding principle and driving force of the terrorist organization known as Hamas.

Hindered by political correctness, we talk about the plight of the Palestinians and legitimize their claims of victimization even as they plot genocide and the destruction of America.

That their intent is so clear, it makes me wonder what concessions Neville Chamberlain might make to terrorism if he were alive today.

Like a moth to a flame, we are driven to appease those who would destroy us.  We deny genetically-encoded self-preservation, like the fight-or-flight reflex, which ensures survival for individuals and their species.  We ignore explicit threats to our very exisitence.

Refusing to accept reality and identify your enemy is a feeble-minded attempt by those who lack the balls and/or moral compass to avoid confronting evil.  Evil flourishes amidst the fertility of men who will do nothing.

Get your head out of your ass, Larry!

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.  Hoping, however that someone doesn’t really want to kill you isn’t going to save your life.

My friend, Larry is an example of this type of thinking.  He tends to grasp onto the unlikely and improbable rather than accept the obvious.  Larry sees zebras when, in fact there are only horses.

There used to be a bar called Hanson Brothers in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook. It was located on a spit of land that could only be approached from the west, and the under-sized, gravel parking lot made for a haphazard arrangement of cars.

Several of us agreed that the bar was doomed, but Larry insisted that neither inaccessibility nor lack of parking should negatively impact the business.

My complete lack of musical talent shouldn’t negatively affect my dream of becoming a rock star, but it sure as hell did.  If you’re not at the zoo or on the Serengeti, you’re probably not seeing a zebra.

Hanson Brothers is gone, as is the restaurant that replaced it.  The building sits empty, awaiting the next fool willing to challenge history and common sense.

Some people have a hard time allowing logic, probability and common sense to shape their thoughts, instead clinging to the remote possibility of “not necessarily”.  We tend to paint reality in colors that soothe our psyche.

Larry has also convinced himself that the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc will all come to realize that it’s in their best interest to peacefully co-exist with the people of Israel.

That kind of talk makes me feel like my eyeballs are going to pop out, but it’s not unique to Larry.  It’s part of the great American misconception that everyone in the world thinks the way that we think, values life the way we do and wants to live the way we live.

People rarely seem to do what’s in their best interest.  It’s that photo-toxic, moth-to-a-flame thing.  Why else would a blue-collar man, struggling to provide for his family vote for a guy whose solution to those problems is to cut taxes on the wealthiest of the wealthy?

Golda Meir said it best when she described the relationship between the Arabs and the Jews:  “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Larry and other appeasers would tell you that all the Palestinians want is their own homeland.  To that, I would say, “Bullshit“.

Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005, forcibly removing Jewish settlers as they withdrew.  In 2006, Gazans accepted Hamas as their governing body and the rocket attacks on Israel have been non-stop ever since.

If their goal was self-rule, without Israeli interference, exactly what is it they would like to achieve by lobbing a continual barrage of missiles into Israel?  Why are they trying to tunnel into Israel?

There can be only one answer.  Well, two actually.

The goal of Hamas is clearly outlined in their charter; the destruction of Israel.  It’s not a metaphor, it’s not a negotiating point.  It’s a core value.  Should they forget that, Israel would be doomed.

Larry would have you believe that they don’t really mean it, even though all evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary.

Our constitution represents our core values.  You may identify more strongly with the 1st Amendment or the 4th Amendment, but, in general it’s the embodiment of who we are.  We may argue the fine points and, in some cases let the courts decide exactly what it all means.

They may not always get it right, but no one would argue that those principles are not to be taken seriously.  When people tell you who they are, believe them.

To the east, Gaza shares a 32-mile border with Israel.  The opposite border runs along the Mediterranean.  If they spent as much time and money developing what could be an idyllic seaside as they do tunneling and launching missiles, Gaza’s GDP (about $1.5 Billion) could triple or quadruple overnight.

The Federal Aviation Authority today banned travel to Israel because of the proximity of a missile strike to Ben Gurion Airport.  This could turn into a crippling blow to Israel’s economy, which would fall in line with Hamas’ main objective of destroying Israel.

The missile attacks, though serve a secondary function.  They force Israel to respond, to do that which they loathe.  They force Israel to do the one thing that Golda Meir said can not be forgiven, they force Israel to launch attacks which will injure and kill innocent children.

arab assholes

Terrorists are nothing if not masters of manipulating public opinion.  The lives of innocent men, women and children are, for them a small price to pay to elicit the sympathy of the world in their jihad.

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