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Donald Sterling has a right to be a racist, a bigot or any kind of ignorant asshole he so chooses

A taped sound byte that has yet to be authenticated captures a not-too-surpising dark side of L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.  The remarks are blatantly racist and vile, especially coming from a team owner in a sport dominated by black males. Before the release of that tape last week, the names Magic Johnson and Lebron... Read more »

Wrigley Field celebrates 100 years of baseball

Today is the 100th anniversary of the ball park named after chewing gum magnate, William Wrigley, Jr..  It’s because of Wrigley’s still-looming presence in the park that I feel perfectly comfortable sticking my gum to the bottom of my bleacher seat. Built in 1914 as Weegham Park, the team, debuting on April 23, 2014 was... Read more »

A Day to Remember the Holocaust and Resistance

Today is Yom HaShoah V’HaGevurah, which is Hebrew for “A Day to Remember the Holocaust and Resistance”.  If you think it doesn’t sound that great in either language, you’re not alone. It’s both ironic and paradoxical that it was Hitler’s drive to rid Germany and Europe of all Jews that pushed them to fight for... Read more »

Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum are the real Axis of Evil

Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum may pose a greater threat to our nation and what we call “The American Dream” than any terrorist organization. On November 1, 1936, a week after signing a treaty of friendship, Italy and Germany announced a Rome-Berlin Axis.  This was the first global use of the word “axis”... Read more »