Who made John McCain the King of Crimea?

The people of Crimea-I think they’re called Crimeans, but that sounds a lot like mushrooms-voted yesterday to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation.

According to election results, 97% of the ballots cast favored secession. Even in the face of intimidation and voter fraud, it seems a pretty convincing plurality.  I’d call it a landslide.

Clearly, Vladimir Putin has made up his mind as to the future of Crimea.  The question is whether or not that diminishes in any way what seems to be the will of the people?

In Brussels yesterday, Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk urged Europeans to take strong action against Russia and its Crimean allies.  He said, “This so-called referendum has no legal grounds at all, Crimea was, is, and will be an integral part of Ukraine.”

That’s not entirely true.  The rest of the world tends to have a greater sense of history than we Americans, and most Ukranians, including the mushroom people remember that Crimea did, in fact belong to Russia prior to 1954.  At the time, both Ukraine and Russia belonged to the erstwhile USSR, but their Russian roots seem to run quite deep.

President Obama today warned of sanctions against Russia and Russian officials involved in the invasion of Crimea.  I don’t remember there being any sanctions against the U.S. for invading Iraq, other than the constant stream of soldiers being returned to their families dead?

When compared with his warnings to Syria’s President al-Assad, President Obama’s warnings to President Putin seem almost half-hearted, and I don’t think it’s because he’s afraid of that bare-chested brute.

President Obama, like so many of us here in the U.S. of A. may not think it’s any of our business.  One has to wonder if he’s doing the machismo thing because he’s got the GOP war machine waiting in the wings to make fun of his mom jeans.

It’s easy to see why the Russians in Crimea make the Europeans nervous, they want to keep a nice buffer of Belarus, Ukraine and the Black Sea between them and Putin.

Why, though is John McCain hopping up and down, urging the President to do something.  Anything. Does one act of aggression always demand another or is there just no such thing as a war that the GOP can’t embrace?

Even Libertarian Rand Paul is keeping his isolationist head down.  If Ron were a leading presidential contender, he’d be out there telling anyone who’d listen that we have to worry more about what’s inside our borders than crazy shit going on half way around the world.

I hope Obama doesn’t let the big boys force him into doing anything he really doesn’t want-or need-to do.  That stuff over in Ukraine, it’s just a bunch of Bolshevik.

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