Dick Cheney is nobody's fool

When I say that Dick Cheney is nobody’s fool, I say it having no idea what it means to say that someone is nobody’s fool.   To be sure, Dick Cheney is a fool. I just don’t know to whom he belongs.

Being a fool is not, however Dick Cheney’s foremost trait.  For Dick Cheney, being a fool takes a back seat to being a self-satisfied, hypocrite.  From what well the Sunday morning pundits think Dick Cheney draws any semblance of expertise is as mysterious to me as the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370.

From the beginning of the Bush/Cheney administration there were countless warnings about the probability of a terrorist attack.  There was an increase in chatter from terrorist organizations and continuing expansion of bin Laden’s sphere of influence.

There was historical evidence that the World Trade Center was a target, they tried to take it down in 1993.  For all their bravado and invective, Bush, Cheney, et al were asleep at the wheel in 2001.  The blank look on Bush’s face when he was informed of the attack as he read aloud to school children wasn’t because he couldn’t decide if he liked green eggs and ham.

For the nine months preceding the attack on WTC, the Bush entourage was busy convincing each other and the nation that an attack on Iraq should be America’s number one priority.  9/11 would’ve been a gift-wrapped opportunity for the Bush cabal, were it not for the fact that they couldn’t pin it on Saddam.

And it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

They finally had to concoct a whole weapons-of-mass-destruction fantasy to marshall enough support to invade Iraq.  Meanwhile, the war in Afghanistan was languishing, much as it is now, even in its death throes.  At least someone in charge is willing to say, “Enough”.

While examples of Cheney’s hypocrisy are myriad, the latest one is by far the most ridiculous.  He and the rest of the GOP sound machine, from Limbaugh down to Palin are criticizing President Obama’s handling of the Russian incursion into Crimea.

Short memories, these naysayers.  They seem to have forgotten that when Russia invaded Georgia (not the one between Alabama and North Carolina), we didn’t do anything.  No one said that the invasion was the result of Bush’s weakness.

The case could’ve been made, but no one said it.

Hypocrisy on a greater scale is the recurrent theme that we have to ship our troops into the Hell-holes of the world to “fight for our values”.  Why is it they’re so interested in fighting for our values in countries that have no interest in our values?  Why is it they’re only interested in protecting the voting rights of foreigners who can never cast a vote for a Democrat?  But I digress.

Bush, in fact had some kind of bromance going with Vladimir Putin.  When they met, Bush said that he saw something in Putin’s eyes.  Really, that’s what he said.

Either way, the invasion of Georgia had nothing to do with Bush.  Even James Baker, Secretary of State under the first Bush warned at the time not to let our rhetoric get out of hand.  Where is he now?

Conventional wisdom would tell anyone with the slightest capacity for critical thinking that even if we had invaded both Libya and Syria, not cut our military budget and did nothing to shrink our bloated military machine, Putin would’ve gone into Crimea.  It was his “destiny”.

A review of every single decision, projection or pronouncement from the Bush (43) years would reveal that Dick Cheney may hold the record for being wrong 100% of the time.  Cheney was and is bad for America, but he’s very good for Halliburton.

Truth be told, Cheney’s lucky he’s not in jail.  Or dead.  When his Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby went to jail for outing a CIA operative* (at a time when our country was at war, as they so often liked to remind us), only an idiot would have thought that Libby was acting on his own.

He did what his boss told him to do because Joe Wilson threatened to throw a wet blanket on the Iraq war party bonfire.  Well, what’s a little treason among friends?  It’s not like he got a blowjob.

You know what?  Maybe Dick Cheney IS somebody’s fool.

*Joe Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame was outed as a CIA operative

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