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Women may not be celebrating the 100-year anniversary of their suffrage

August 18, 2020 will be the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, the one that gave women the right to vote.  Women around the world and in America fought for that right, many died for it. As Women’s History Month, 2014 comes to an end, I can’t help wondering what footnotes will be attached to... Read more »

10 reasons you shouldn't vote for a black man for president

(In no particular order) How can you vote for a guy crazy enough to want to be the 2nd black president? Black presidents seem to create obstructionist legislators. There’s a bad moon rising and a black guy shouldn’t have to take the heat when the feces hit the fan. If a black guy can’t get... Read more »

Now that Concealed Carry is the law of the land, will you be packing?

Now that it’s legal to carry a concealed weapon in Illinois, do you find yourself looking differently at your fellow Illinoisans? As a note of interest, according the the Government Printing Office, “Illinoisan” is the official name for people who live in Illinois. Other recognized demonyms-that’s what they’re called, “demonyms”-include Illinoisian, Illinoian, Sucker, Sand-hiller and... Read more »

Malaysia Flight 370 and the broken cycle of breaking news

The disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 is, at this writing a mystery. What Vladimir Putin might or might not do next is also a mystery, but theories and wild speculation abound on both subjects. What’s more of a paradox than a mystery is what these two seemingly unrelated events have in common. The first thing the disappearance of... Read more »

Women come and women go, but TV is forever

In the 1979 movie, “Being There”, Chance, the gardener told Eve, the wealthy widow that he likes to watch.  I confess that I, too like to watch. Played by Shirley Maclaine, Eve was inquiring about Chance’s prurient interests.  Chance, played by Peter Sellers didn’t get the sexual inference and was merely saying that he likes... Read more »

Who made John McCain the King of Crimea?

The people of Crimea-I think they’re called Crimeans, but that sounds a lot like mushrooms-voted yesterday to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. According to election results, 97% of the ballots cast favored secession. Even in the face of intimidation and voter fraud, it seems a pretty convincing plurality.  I’d call it a... Read more »

Dick Cheney is nobody's fool

When I say that Dick Cheney is nobody’s fool, I say it having no idea what it means to say that someone is nobody’s fool.   To be sure, Dick Cheney is a fool. I just don’t know to whom he belongs. Being a fool is not, however Dick Cheney’s foremost trait.  For Dick Cheney, being... Read more »

Vladimir Putin could be a Republican

In a September, 2013 op-ed piece in the New York Times, Vladimir Putin commented, “It is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States.” As an aside, op-ed pieces are generally opinions expressed by outsiders not on the editorial staff of the publication in which they... Read more »

John McNeil, Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin vs George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn and Brian Epp: America's grudge match

In his “I have a dream” speech back in 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. said that he envisioned an America where his children were not judged by the color of their skin, but by the “content of their character“.  That dream remains elusive. John McNeil, Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin were all born with skin... Read more »