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Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt right about fear?

In his inaugural speech in 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously quipped that “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Still recovering from the first World War and struggling to claw its way out of the Great Depression, America was, indeed a nation in fear. Franklin’s “fear” speech is often confused with his... Read more »

Michael Sams may be a (gay) man behind his time

MIchael Sams is an All-American defensive lineman from the University of MIssouri.  He was the 2013 Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year and considered a top pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Sam has terrorized quarterbacks since his days at Hitchcock High School in Hitchcock, TX and his bone-jarring sack of Oklahoma State’s Clint... Read more »

"Fangirl", by Rainbow Rowell: A review, of sorts

Rainbow Rowell’s “Fangirl” is a juxtaposition of two of my least favorite things; neurotic women and wand-waving, magician/wizard, pre-pubescent Harry Potter types.  It’s little consolation that I only have to deal with the former in real life, while endeavoring to keep my reading list devoid of the latter. It’s been a while since I wrote... Read more »