Pete Sessions can't stand to look at President Obama

If you believe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) said something very nasty to President Obama  during a closed-door meeting about the government shutdown.  According to Reid, Sessions told the President that he (Sessions) couldn’t stand to look at him (the President).

Even at a time when we accept mind-numbing ignorance out of the mouths of anyone from Texas, Alaska or Minnesota, Session’s alleged remark is egregious and offensive.  Worst of all, it’s believable.

I was very much against President Bush’s invasion of Iraq and truthfully, did not think he was wise enough, thoughtful enough or possessed the intellectual curiosity necessary for the office he held for 8 years.  He did, however seem like a really nice guy.

Had I been invited to the Bush White House, for what reason I can’t imagine, I would have put everything else in my life on hold and hopped the next plane to Washington.  Politics and policies aside, I would’ve been thrilled to have an opportunity to meet the President of the United States and could not in my wildest nightmares imagine treating the person holding that office with anything but the greatest respect.

Politics is not for the faint of heart.  It tends to be mean-spirited and heated.  When Bill Clinton was in office, the Republicans were in full blitz mode and dogged the man until they got their impeachment hearings.  Through all that, though no one said that they couldn’t stand to look at him.  Not even Monica.

The question I keep asking myself about this president is mostly rhetorical.  What is it about Barack Obama that makes him the object of such animosity?

Whether or not you like him, he appears to be a reasonably good family man.  Whether or not you like him, historians and presidential scholars of all political stripes agree that his style of governance is right down the middle.  Nothing radical, nothing extreme in either direction.  Fiscally, he may be closer to Ronald Reagan than Mitt Romney would have been.

What would prompt Rep Joe Wilson (R-SC) to call the president a liar during a speech to Congress?  Besides the fact that Wilson was mistaken about his belief that the President’s health care initiative would mandate coverage for illegal aliens, what made him think that it would be OK for him to treat the President with such wanton disrespect?

Much of the animosity seems to be centered around the Affordable Care Act, cynically dubbed, “Obamacare.”    Ted Cruz (R-TX) calls it a “train wreck.”  While that may be true of the website, ACA, as its name implies promises affordable health care, not a great website.  Quality Software Services, the contractor hired to fix the problems said that the website will be mostly bug-free by the end of November.  Software is a fickle bitch.

Cruz also tells us that Obamacare is hurting the American people.  In all of his rants and through the entire kill-Obamacare-shutdown, he has not once indicated what, specifically is wrong with Obamacare or how, specifically it is hurting the American people.  Especially since most of it hadn’t even been implemented yet.

In the 15 states that have elected to go along with the ACA and implement their own insurance exchanges, registration has been robust and successful.  Competing plans have brought down the cost of health insurance.

What about the so-called “Red States,” the ones doing everything in their power to ensure Obamacare’s failure?  Besides the vague warnings of Obamacare causing the collapse of Western culture, what is their problem?

Two reasons jump out at me, although I’m sure there’s more.  The first reason seems to be the foundation of corruption and poster boys for conflict of interest.  It’s those well-known, usually-ignored demons called lobbyists.

Through lobbyists, PACs, Super PACs and all the various ways corporations (now referred to as “people” by  the Supreme Court) have of funneling campaign funds to their pet politicians, insurance and drug companies put hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of Conservative law makers to maintain control of health insurance and their beloved health insurance premiums.

At first keen on the windfall of 30 million new customers, the insurance companies soon realized that all the competition created by insurance exchanges will drive down premiums, lowering profit margins.   So powerful are the insurance companies that they had the public option for health insurance removed from ACA just days before it went to the floor of the House for a vote.

The second reason is even more hideous.  Like it or not, we can all understand greed.  It takes a special kind of person, though to understand and live bigotry.  Let’s face it, even though our president is only half black, to that special kind of person the only relevant fact is that he’s not white.

Paula Deen got into hot water when it we discovered her use of the “N” word.  It’s a nasty word and any of our leaders will tell you so.  Many, though can demonstrate a vast array of code words that express the very same ideology as the “N” word.

They’ll tell you he’s a Socialist.  A Communist.  A Muslim, a Kenyan, anti-American and the list goes on.  He’s just not one of us, so he can’t possibly be a legitimate holder of the Office of President.

Unfortunately, the American people, those who the likes of John Boehner claim to represent, have chosen Barack Obama to be their president not once, but twice.

It’s worth noting here that Republican congressmen got ONE MILLION fewer votes than their Democratic counterparts, thanks to the magic of gerrymandering.

How, then can Republicans justify their stated goal of depriving “the American people” of affordable health care?  How can they justify keeping things like lifetime caps, pre-existing conditions, gender inequality, insurance premiums spent on executive bonuses,etc?  The answer is simple, they can’t.

Other than keeping their sponsors happy, the only reason they have for dedicating 100% of their time and resources to killing Obamacare is that they want to wipe out any chance of a lasting legacy for a president who is “not one of us.”

So driven are these bigoted maniacs that they would shut down the government and drive it to the brink of default to kill Obamacare.   A shutdown which, according to all economists damaged an already fragile economy.  The economy of the American people.

If that isn’t the most extreme and covert manifestation of the “N” word short of an actual lynching, I’d hate to see what more extreme measures they might take.

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    Alas, the people who really need to hear this won't listen.

    Oh, and a little tip: "Politics is not for the feint of heart." "Feint" is a noun, a move in a boxing ring. "Faint of heart" is what you meant ("faint" being both a verb and an adjective with a related meaning).

  • In reply to Uomo Senzanome:

    You're right as rain (I changed "Feint" to "faint", thank you). It's like talking to my kids. You know they're not
    listening, you just feel like you have to say SOMETHING.

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