Obamacare: John Boehner is a bald-faced liar

John Boehner (hereinafter and sometimes referred to as “Boner”) is a liar and it pains me to say it (not really). What does pain me, though is his ability to lie as if the rest of us are too stupid to know he’s lying. He has an uncanny ability to disregard history and the fact that everyone’s phone is also a recording device.

Merriam-Webster defines “bald-faced” as: easy to see and understand as being bad : showing no guilt or shame : not hiding bad behavior. The term fits him like a glove. To paraphrase Johnny Cochran, if the glove fits right, you must indict.

Facial hair was commonplace in the 18th and 19th Centuries and many businessmen were said to wear beards to hide their facial expressions during business transactions. While a beard might belie misrepresentations, the lack of one can reveal those tiny facial tics so common among liars.

Soon-to-be-former Speaker of the House Boner said that the American people do not want a governement shutdown. He said it as if he and Ted Cruz discovered that fact late one night in their laboratory. Of course the American people don’t want a government shutdown, douche-face.

Based on Boner’s “discovery”, he and the President should be in perfect sync. All the President wants is for Congress to raise the debt ceiling so the country can pay its bills. So far, so good.

Boner went on to say that the American people don’t want Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act). He might as well have said that the American people don’t want Obama, who they elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. The American people rejected opposition to health care reform from Mr. Boner, Mitt Romney and the Tea Party.  To say otherwise is a bald-faced lie.

Doubling down on their complete disregard of what the American people really want, just as they did when they voted against universal background checks, Republicans vowed to shut down the government even if it sent our fragile economy into a tailspin. Even if it caused a first-ever default on America’s debt.

ACA (Affordable Care Act) is a law, legally passed with the blessing of the American people, sanctioned by the Supreme Court and in the best interest the American people.

Taking the debt ceiling hostage to satisfy the most extreme of the GOP is no different than if they took Michelle Obama or Nancy Pelosi hostage. Ironically, what they’re doing isn’t illegal, even though it could cause unforeseen damage to millions of lives. Taking an actual person hostage would have a much smaller impact, but would put the perps where they belong.

In the interest of full disclosure, Boner needs to tell us what he really means when he refers to what the American people want. Is it what he needs to do to keep himself off  Tea Party radar or is it what the American people who own very large insurance and pharmaceutical companies want?

Insurance exchanges could prove to be a very slippery slope. First the insurance companies have to lower their rates to group insurance levels to compete for individual business, next thing you know Medicare is negotiating drug costs.

Ted Cruz, the Sarah Palin with a Harvard law degree said that Obamacare was hurting people. He didn’t specify who was being hurt or how they were being hurt. He didn’t explain how creating exchanges in which insurance companies compete for business in a free market environment-a Conservative value-hurts people. He just made it clear that he would devote himself to de-funding Obamacare no matter who he hurt.

As bald faced liars go, Cruz is no slouch himself.  Fed up with Cruz continually saying that the Teamsters were against Obamacare, Teamster President James Hoffa said, “I call on Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. David Vitter and others to cease and desist from misusing our constructive comments in their destructive campaign to hobble the president and the nation.

The Teamsters are concerned that corporations will find a way to game the system.

Cruz reminds me of a guy I used to know, I think his name was Dick.

Dick made a lot of money like a lot of people make their money, through chicanery, intimidation and skillful manipulation of reality. Also like those who make bushels of money, he came to think of himself as being pretty smart. I know this because he told me quite often how “brilliant” he was.  His word, not mine.

Dick didn’t realize that his mental acuity was the butt of jokes because people rarely confront the rich or very large. He didn’t realize that ending every sentence with the word “so” and using “Who cares” and “So what?” as his main rebuttals in every argument cast serious doubts on his self-proclaimed brilliance.

Like Cruz, Dick was against Obamacare from the get. Partly, because of the black thing and partly because he was reflecting opinions of his peer group, although he didn’t grasp their reasoning. The only argument he could ever marshal was that you can’t take in $5 and spend $7. I never did find out where he got those numbers or how they were relevant.

Also like Cruz, Dick was convinced that Obamacare was hurting him. Before the bill was even passed in March of 2010 he complained that he was having trouble getting in to see a doctor because of it. Never mind reality.

Senator Cruz read Green Eggs and Ham to his daughters from the floor of the Senate Wednesday night. A private employer would’ve told him to knock it off and get back to work, but on America’s dime he could act like an Ivy League arse to try to delay the Senate’s vote on the House bill to de-fund Obamacare.

He didn’t however tell his girls why he wants to kill Obamacare. He hasn’t really told anyone, which makes his antics seem all the more ridiculous. Time will tell if he accomplishes whatever it is he’s trying to accomplish.

What Cruz didn’t tell his little girls is that Obamacare has already helped millions of Americans and he fears that once it goes into full effect on October 1, he will never be able to take it away from this black president’s legacy.

He also didn’t tell his little girls that Republican governors in places like Alabama, Idaho, Ohio and Kansas are enacting their own versions of Obamacare under their own non-Obama names. Arizona’s feisty governor, Jan Brewer has embraced Obamacare. Having insurance companies compete for business on an exchange has not only lowered rates, but allowed more insurance companies to participate.

In Oklahoma 200,000 uninsured individuals will be able to choose from 53 health insurance plans at an average saving of 20%-30% of the national average. This is good for small companies, bad for big ones.

Little known fact: In most states, one or two insurance companies control 80% of the business.

Cruz neglected to tell his kids about Obamacare allowing other people’s kids to remain on their parent’s insurance until they are 26.  Good news for a generation with poor job prospects, not so good for big insurance companies.  How did our health insurance ever get tied to our jobs, anyway? (I’ll leave you to answer that one for yourself, the answer may surprise you)

Cruz didn’t tell his kids about the millions of people who no longer have lifetime caps on their benefits or are restricted from getting health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Again, good for the American people you and I know, not so good for the American businessmen who support Ted Cruz.

Polls indicate that most people are unfamiliar with the provisions of Obamacare. The Koch brothers have made scary commercials warning people not to let government to get between them and their doctors. They didn’t explain to Ted Cruz’s little girls why it’s better to have an insurance company obligated to its shareholders come between you and your doctor.

The commercial that shows a guy in a giant Uncle Sam mask squeezing between a girl’s legs to give her a gynecological exam is pretty amusing, albeit completely disingenuous.

According to some estimates, the Koch brothers have spent about $400 Million campaigning against Obamacare. Not known for their altruism, there has to be a payoff for them somewhere. That’s something else that Ted Cruz didn’t tell his daughters.

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    Great article but just a small correction- Arkansas has a Democrat for Governor. His name is Mike Beebe and he is amazing. I would hate for a Cruz fan to jump on that and accuse you of making things up.

  • In reply to Violet Hooks:

    Thank you for reading and bringing that to my attention. You're right about Mike Beebe, I was thinking about Robert Bentley of Alabama.

  • Oh, geeze, this screed is way too much.

    Instead of emoting, why no stick to the facts?

    ObamaCare is not wanted in survey after survey by the American people, and just because something is the "law of the land" as passed by one Congress, does no mean it cannot be amended or changed or not funded by the next Congress.

    Speaking of law, why is that Obama has carve outs and exemptions for so many of his cronies and for Congress and for various big businesses? He himself regally just changed the law. If you were so concerned about the law, you might ask yourself why Obama is not following the law himself.

    Get your "truth squad" on that, and I'll wait for your reply (and wait and wait and wait); that is, if you allow opposing viewpoints to be published.

  • Ha, sorry. I confused you with Kelly and his Truth Squad. So many progressives are nested here I can' keep track. Go ahead, post my comment. I don't censor. Be up for it, my man.

  • Technically, if you say he's a liar then he's a tan-faced liar.

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