Jews start 5774 locked in a region of turmoil

Jews around the world celebrated the beginning of the year 5774 today and asked forgiveness for the sins they have committed against their fellow man. Such is the religion.

Israel begins the year as she has begun every year since her birth in 1948, surrounded by neighbors who outnumber her 100 to 1 and support any and all plans to bring about her demise.

Is it accurate to treat all players in the Middle East as equals or is it political correctness run amok? Is there some inherent prejudice in a United Nations that condemns Israel for building houses, while defending Arabs who build bombs or am I missing something?

Jews and Arabs alike wish peace upon each other in greeting. This was probably the way the 9/11 hijackers greeted each other on the morning they flew airplanes into the World Trade Center.

Jews and Arabs alike shun pork as unclean, while both enjoy felafel, a regional dish of fried chick peas. That, however may be where the similarities end.

Oil is the main (only) source of income for Arabs lucky enough to be living on top of its deposits. The oil, though wasn’t discovered by those nations, nor were the means to bring it to the surface or transport it to nations with industrial engines.

Israel, referenced historically and biblically for thousands of years is an arid land beneath which no oil is to be found. It is only through innovation and industry that Israel was transformed into a flowering producer of fruits and vegetables enough to feed her citizens and export around the world.

Almost 2 million Arabs living in Israel call themselves citizens and vote in elections as any citizen of any democratic nation. Arabs who refuse to swear an oath of loyalty to Israel (similar to the Pledge of Allegiance) can remain, but they can’t vote.

Jews are not allowed in Saudi Arabia, not even if it’s just as a connecting flight.

Outside of Silicone Valley, Israel hosts the most start-up companies of anywhere in the world and is heavily represented on Nasdaq. More technological and medical advances come out of Israel than almost anywhere. No Arab country is on any of those lists.

Arabs resent the bond between the United States and Israel. While it’s hard to blame them, it would also be highly unlikely for Warren Buffet to invest $6 Billion-his largest investment outside the U.S.-in any Arab Nation. In what would he invest? Improvised Explosive Devises?

The world feels obligated to kow tow to nations upon whom they rely for their main source of energy. Whether a new source of energy is found before the oil runs out is hard to say. If Israel is allowed to exist, my money would be on the former.

Which brings me to this crazy notion of moral equivalency between the Jews and the so-called Palestinians. Self-hating, appeasement-dealing Jews would say the Palestinians just want some land and self-determination. Forget the fact that no matter how much land Israel has given up, Arabs seem no less bent on her destruction. Forget the fact that Arabs living in Israel had hundreds of years to develop their own culture and only became “Palestinians” in 1967 as an afterthought to one of their many attempts to destroy Israel.

Contrary to what you may think after reading to this point, I’m not anti-Arab. I don’t want to destroy any Arab nation, not even Syria. Maybe Afghanistan, but that’s another story.  Right now the Arab world is tearing itself apart, they’re their own worst enemies.

I just want them to give up the idea of a world without Israel and without the United States of America.

Sadly, somewhere between 1% and 20% of Islam’s 1.5 billion followers see the future just that way. No Israel, no United States. Or any other non-Muslim countries, for that matter.  And, whatever the actual percentage, they have pledged their lives to make it so.

I’m not declaring war on Islam or any Arab nation, even though they have declared war on those two nations that mean the most to me. I would wish peace upon them and hope that they would reciprocate. I just think we have to be more honest in our discussion of the players before attempting to create a level playing field.

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