Glenn Beck is a rodeo clown and Rush is still a douchebag

Glenn Beck is a rodeo clown and it’s not just me saying it.  His exact words were, “I declare myself officially a rodeo clown.”  Who would know better than him?

This is not the first time Beck declared himself a rodeo clown.  He said the same thing in an interview in 2009 when describing what it is that he does.  It’s clear that being a rodeo clown is meaningful to Mr. Beck.

Glenn’s most recent proclamation was rooted in the controversy that erupted when a rodeo clown appeared in the bull ring at the Missouri State Fair wearing an Obama mask.  To exacerbate the farce, the guy on the P.A. said things like, “Who wants to see Obama run down by a bull?” and “Here’s our Obama dummy.”  A second rodeo clown played with the lips on the Obama mask.

A white, self-proclaimed country boy named Perry Beam said that he felt like he was at a Klan rally and that the intensity of the crowd’s reaction scared him. He likened it to a lynch mob.

Missouri Lt. Governor (R) Peter Kinder said, “It was disrespectul to the President” and “We are better than this.”

Beck’s explanation for the severe backlash following the Obama rodeo clown incident is that the Left is desperate because they know it’s all coming apart.  He didn’t specify what “all” is coming apart.  According to Beck, though once America realizes what the Affordable Health Care Act is going to do to us, it will be over for the Democrats.

A reasonable person might argue that once the American people realize what the Affordable Health Care Act does for America, there might be a greater push for a single-payer system, but that’s a discussion for another day.

In solidarity with rodeo clowns, Beck droned on about the brilliance and artistry of rodeo clowning.  I’ve seen his show and he is definitely protesting too loudly.

Rush Limbaugh compared the outcry, admittedly mostly from the Left to the violence that erupts in Muslim countries after unfavorable depictions of their prophet, Muhammad.  An interesting juxtaposition and not, I’m sure unintentional.

To a very minor extent, I agree with both Rush and Glenn. I said “a very minor extent.”

The reaction was pretty extreme. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a rodeo clown banned for life from rodeo clowning. Some sensitivity training may be in order.

Masks of most presidents can be found at your local party store.  I think I was Richard Nixon one Halloween. This, however was different.

What’s different about the Obama rodeo clown is the constant subtext and overtone of racism over the past 5 years. Whether it’s Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, The Donald, Sean Hannity or any of the interchangeable rodeo clowns on the Right, there’s a continual denigration of the President as something less than “one of us”.

These attacks are personal and they’re racial. You can say they’re not, but you’d be lying.  The antipathy is so clear and present that attacks on Barack Obama don’t even have to make sense.  As long as you’re saying bad things about the black guy, they’re all bobbing their heads in the gallery.

An erudite chap at a Tea Party meeting recently called President Obama a “foreign-born, America-hating communist despot.”   The speaker, Congresswoman Martha Roby, in typical suck-up-to-the-Tea-Party fashion said that she was just the woman to stop Obama.

Ms. Roby and her audience subscribe to the philosophy espoused by Mitt Romney’s pollster, Neil Newhouse when he said that they weren’t going to let fact checkers dictate their campaign.

Both sides resort to moral indignation and righteous outrage as a first strike against the other side. One side does it quite a bit more than the other-I’m not saying which, but they all need to turn down the volume and start listening.

Yes, Glenn and Rush, this was an over-reaction to what might have been a poorly thought out stunt.  More likely, it was an unfortunate display of partisanship or intolerance.

In any case, Barack Obama is the President of the United States.   And he’s black.   He’s not dark black, but definitely darker than your kind of white.  It’s time you admit that’s what this is really about.

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  • Hmmm....really thoughtful piece here.

    If you look at the tender treatment Obama's gotten at the hands of comedians and commentators, with the mess the country is in, then you can only conclude that it is about race. To criticize Obama is "racist", according to you and just about all media people, so it is about race.

    It's the first thing you see and think about Obama.

    Look at the history of presidents being made fun of and mocked, and, in the case of GWB, a book with a title on how to take him out, praised by the media.

    It's not the color of Obama's skin, it is the thickness, in which case it can be considered translucent.

    Another piece from somebody who see the color of a person's skin first and not their character.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    If you judge the thickness of Obama's skin by the sensitivity he's shown to constant, inane, fiction-based attacks, then he has the thickest skin of anyone you've ever known. He's never once responded to any of it. For those of us who appreciate things like education, health care for everyone and all the things that go to the heart of a civilized nation, we can't believe how he's able to remain above the fray. While we may jump to what seems like his defense, it is just our annoyance with the pseudo-American hypocrites. He certainly doesn't need our help.

  • fb_avatar

    You say "In any case, Barack Obama is the President of the United States. And he's black." Yes, the first statement is 100% true. The second statement isn't. Barack Obama is bi-racial, just like George Zimmerman, the infamous "white-Hispanic."

  • In reply to Wayne Driscoll:

    Let's face it, you're either white or your not. Isn't that really the problem? To a bigot, half-white is the same as all-black.

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