More bulls**t coming to Chicago....literally

Chicago has long been home to Bulls, bulls and bullshit and more of the latter two is on the way. This time, though the bullshit will be coming from real bulls.

The Bulls (with a capital “B”) have been a part of the Chicago sports scene since 1966. They cemented their spot in sports history by winning three NBA Championships in a row in 1993, then repeating the feat in 1998.

In a twist of sports irony, though the contraction “Three-Peat” was copyrighted in 1989 by Pat Riley during the L.A. Laker’s failed attempt to win three in a row.

As one of the world’s financial capitals, Chicago also has it’s share of bulls. With a small “b”, the term refers to someone with an optimistic outlook for something, generally stock or commodity prices. Someone with a pessimistic outlook would be said to be a “bear”.

Bullshit has never been in short suppy in Chicago. As a hub in the movement of livestock across the nation, the Chicago Stockyards were pivotal both in transportation and processing. The neighborhood known as “Back of the Yards” had an aroma all its own.

Known as a city of blustering politicians, Chicago was named “Windy City” when the World’s Fair came to town in 1933. A trip to City Hall will confirm our continued and legendary B.S..

Now a company called Great Bull Run is bringing the spectacle of the running of the bulls from Pamplona, Spain to Hawthorne Race Cource in Stickney. The run will be followed by America’s version of Spains great tomato fight, “Tomatina”. Great Bull Run calls theirs “Tomato Royale”.

Skeptical? America experienced her first running of the bulls this weekend in Petersburg, Virginia, where an estimated 4,000 people paid and average of $30 to run with the bulls.

In what seems like small reassurance, Great Bull Run said that only 15 people have died in Spain’s run in the last 105 years. Feeling better?

While animal rights groups are up in arms over the spectacle, there are two big things here that make the bull run different than the one in Spain.

First, the bulls are not prodded electrically to make them run. More important to the bulls themselves, though is that they will not be killed in a bull ring following the run.

Can you say “olé“?

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