Paula Deen hires Judy Smith, inspiriation for Olivia Pope character in TV's Scandal

Paula Deen hired world-famous crisis manager, Judy Smith to stop the death spiral of her career and attempt to salvage whatever’s left of the Paula Deen brand.

Smith, who’s performed CPR on the reputations of Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick and even Saudi Arabia is the inspiration for ABC’s Scandal and the main character, Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington. Talk about a juxtaposition of life and art. The only thing that could’ve been more ironic (and more TMZ) is if Deen had hired Kerry Washington, who plays a crisis manager.

So far, nothing’s really worked for Deen who has admitted to at least one instance of using the “N” word. She apologized, she apologized again and then she apologized for apologizing. And after all that, her publisher, Ballantine Books, a subsidiary of Random House dropped her. Pretty remarkable considering the fact that Deen has a book due out in October that’s already a number one best seller on Amazon.

Yes, I skewered Deen a bit last week, but why are all the corporate rats abandoning ship? Only time will tell, but I have to think that dropping Deen’s book will have a cascading affect on Ballantine Books. Besides being a questionable business decision, it could be seen as an assault on Freedom of the Press, which is an increasingly sore subject these days.

The thing of it is, without detailed biographies of all these morally indignant rock-throwers, I’m going to have to assume that their thoughts, words and deeds are no more above reproach than Paula Deen’s or anyone else’s. Maybe Paula was right when she did her “Let-he-who-is-without-sin” thing on the Today show last week.

In the final analysis, we’re each responsible for the things we say and do. In our purportedly free market society, it is inevitably up the consumer to decide what they will and will not tolerate, although we seem to have reached an unprecedented level of uneducated consumerism.

At any rate, it may be time to let the lady off the ropes and see if she can regain some footing.  When the diabetes thing hit, she cranked out all new, healthier recipes.  Who knows? Maybe she can crank out some all new racial tolerance.

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