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The D-Word: Michael Eric Dyson and Tim Allen D-isagree over use of the N-word

Comedian Tim Allen re-ignited N-word controversy this week, drawing harsh criticism for his comments to a Tampa Bay newspaper about its use in comedy.  Channeling Paula Deen, Allen contends that his use of the actual word should be inoffensive, given his lack of racist intent.   Allen thinks saying  the N-word should be more offensive... Read more »

Ft Sheridan and Highwood: A tale of two cities

Yesterday’s “A tale of two leaders” blog and a conversation about the north suburban city of Highwood inspired today’s submission. While on the surface it seems pretty bland, some may find the subtext disturbing. Our story begins in 1886 with an event alternately referred to as the Haymarket Affair, the Haymarket Riot or the Haymarket... Read more »

Obama v. Boehner: A tale of two leaders

If President Obama is leader of the free world, Speaker of the House Boehner is arguably the co-leader.  Though the history of their relationship hardly lends itself to the concept of them being co-anythings, they are, none the less our country’s key leaders. Pundits on both sides had harsh reviews for comments made this weekend... Read more »

Haters, complainers and the most unkind comment of all

I was sampling some of Sheffield’s new draft beer choices with a buddy when the inevitable subject of blogging arose.  My buddy appears regularly in another Chicago publication and writes a blog for their online presence. Spoiler alert: ChicagoNow is the benchmark of local blog spots. My buddy, who I will call “Al”, was well into... Read more »

George Zimmerman redux: 4 more jurors and Jimmy Carter weigh in

Jimmy Carter rocked liberal waters this morning saying that the jury in the George Zimmerman’s 2nd Degree Murder trial made the right decision.  Not a fan of Jimmy’s since the onset of his anti-Semitic sojourn in 1999, I wondered if the Mad Cow had finally caught up to him. It turns out that Carter was... Read more »

Worried about what our Founding Fathers may think?

A recent Gallup Poll determined that 85% of us are proud Americans and 28% of us are “Very Proud” . Answers to another question revealed that 71% of Americans think the Founding Fathers of America would be disappointed in the way their little experiment in democracy turned out. See the poll here I am neither... Read more »

George Zimmerman had the gun in his hand BEFORE he confronted Trayvon Martin

There’s only one plausible scenario that fits the known facts of the altercation between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman had his gun in his hand when he first confronted Martin, whose fight or flight reflex launched him into a battle for his life. In an effort to show that Zimmerman would not have started... Read more »

Assault weapons avoid the axe as Illinois joins Concealed Carry Nation

Assault weapons avoid the axe as Illinois joins Concealed Carry Nation
Overriding Governor Quinn’s veto and proposed changes to the bill, the Illinois legislature voted concealed carry into law on Tuesday as required by the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. The Court had previously ruled that Illinois’ ban on concealed weapons was in violation of the Second Amendment set a July 9th... Read more »

Madeline Kara Neumann Prayer Death: Conviction upheld for parents who let their daughter die

The Wisconsin Supreme Court last week upheld the convictions of the parents of Madeline Kara Neumann, an 11-year-old girl who died because her parents let her. Click here to read the story The parents, Dale and Leilani Neumann of Weston, WI aren’t Christian Scientists, although that would have had no bearing on the legal aspect... Read more »

Paula Deen hires Judy Smith, inspiriation for Olivia Pope character in TV's Scandal

Paula Deen hired world-famous crisis manager, Judy Smith to stop the death spiral of her career and attempt to salvage whatever’s left of the Paula Deen brand. Smith, who’s performed CPR on the reputations of Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick and even Saudi Arabia is the inspiration for ABC’s Scandal and the main character, Olivia Pope,... Read more »