George Zimmerman had the gun in his hand BEFORE he confronted Trayvon Martin

There’s only one plausible scenario that fits the known facts of the altercation between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman had his gun in his hand when he first confronted Martin, whose fight or flight reflex launched him into a battle for his life.

In an effort to show that Zimmerman would not have started the fight with Martin, his defense team produced a couple of trainers who testified that Zimmerman, in essence was a fat pussy. He was out of shape and he couldn’t throw a punch. What, then gave him the confidence to confront the “suspicious” asshole, high on drugs?  He already had the gun in his hand, that’s what.

One of the only un-contradicted statements given by Zimmerman was that he had his gun in a holster in his waistband, behind his back.  A pretty typical place for carrying a concealed weapon.  Me, I prefer the cross draw from inside the left front of my waistband.

Think about this one point, though.  Forget about who started the fight.  Forget about why Zimmerman got out of his truck or why he labeled Trayvon Martin as a suspicious person to the 9-1-1 operator.  Forget about the fact that Martin was a 17-year old, unarmed kid walking home from a convenience store with Skittles and iced tea, something every 17-year old in America should be able to do without fear of being accosted or shot.

Forgot about the fact that Martin could have used his can of Arizona Iced Tea as a weapon if he were the aggressor.  Think about this: Zimmerman said that in his scuffle with Martin he noticed Martin looking at his gun, at which point he drew his gun and fired.

If he was laying on his back, as he consistently described in all his interviews, with Trayvon Martin straddling him and alternately raining down blows on his face, trying to smother him and smashing his head against the pavement:

1. In what universe would it have been possible for Martin to see the gun in Zimmerman’s waistband, at his back?
2. How in the world did that fat pussy get the gun from the holster in his waistband behind his back and with Martin directly on top of him?

He already had the gun in his hand, that’s how. That’s what made him brave enough to confront Martin. That’s why he had not marks on his hands, he already knew what he was going to do. He wasn’t there to scuffle with one of these “assholes” who “always get away with it”. He was there to administer justice, vigilante style. George Zimmerman style.

What goes around comes around, George. One way or another, justice will find you.

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    Let’s accept Zimmerman’s version that Martin was a troublemaker, that he was up to no good when he spotted him, that Martin got into fights, that he had marijuana in his system, and that he was a 6.2 aggressive teen -- not a twelve year old helpless boy.
    This still leaves us with the burden of explaining those heart retching screams -- loud enough to be captured on the neighbor’s 911 call.
    Zimmerman said elsewhere that the screams are from him because he was being pummeled by the unexpectedly aggressive Martin. The jury certainly has sufficient evidence of Martin’s aggressiveness, even though Zimmerman did not testify or give us an opportunity to probe further.
    Yet, this being the case that we have, we ought to look further at what is reasonable -- how likely is that things happened the way Zimmerman says they did?
    Is it likely for a man to cry for help when he is on the ground with someone sitting on him and punching repeatedly? Might he be too busy dealing with this to have an opportunity to cry for help -- in that way that we hear it on the 911 call? Yet, he could have done just that afterwards, or in between bouts.
    The 911 recording we have, however, only captures the tail end of the fight. What we hear are not the ordinary screams of a man getting punched, pummeled or pounded. Rather, they are the pleas for help by someone who is not only in grave danger, but a danger that he knows and appreciates. Indeed, the cries are of such desperation that they pierce the coldest of hearts.
    Zimmerman says that it was he who was screaming and we want to believe him. We should give him the benefit of all reasonable doubt because our system of justice prefers that ten guilty men go free rather than one innocent be found guilty. Moreover, Zimmerman’s version is plausible if Martin was prying the gun away from him. Indeed, let’s assume that Martin had grabbed the gun and was about to shoot Zimmerman. Does this fit with what we hear on the recorded 911 call?
    Does it fit with the lack of any physical evidence of Martin’s DNA on Zimmerman’s gun? There should have been some, even if Martin had just touched it, let alone grabbed it, or struggled for it. Indeed, we might expect that a struggle for control would have left a heavier DNA imprint. Yet, it left none.
    Still, let’s disregard this lack of Martin’s physical evidence on the gun and again give Zimmerman, the benefit of reasonable doubt -- the kind we give to our most important affairs.
    Is there anything else that get’s in the way with Zimmerman’s version of what happened?
    What about silence, the dead silence that we hear after the shot? Does it tell us anything? If Zimmerman was the one crying for help that eerie silence is odd. We might expect the cries to be interrupted by the struggle of the fight, or for the gun. Yet, they are steady and relentless all the way to the end when the shot is heard. Such a steady tempo does not indicate a struggle or a pounding on the pavement.
    Those repeating howls are more from someone who is being held at gun point; someone who has felt the hard steel of a gun in his side; someone who is told in no uncertain terms that he is about to die -- and believes it.
    If this is how things happened, then the person who fired the gun had a depraved heart because he heard the pleas for mercy by another human being but ignored them. A conviction for murder is thus in order.
    And we can arrive at this conclusion by giving Zimmerman all the benefit of the doubt -- except what is not supported by the physical evidence and by common sense.

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    In reply to George Kafantaris:


  • The argument has a flaw, if George Zimmerman was such a wimp and on the bottom -- you seem to relish this -- then it follows he was getting beaten up ... For 45 seconds while screaming for help. And if he had the gun in his hand and was such a vigilante, then why wasn't Martin dead much earlier? Or, conversely, why didn't Martin take the gun away earlier? If they were desperately fighting FOR the gun for 45 seconds and no one had control -- though who would bother to scream help then or have time to bash a head or do anything but get the gun -- then it's still self defense whoever got to kill the other. No, I buy Zimmerman's account, in the fight he would squim, he could lift himself a little, he would have been practiced drawing the gun and had 45 seconds to get it (the prosecution even argued Martin on top was then withdrawing giving him some chance). My point is not that this did happen but that it is as reasonable as your scenario. And if it's a wash, Zimmerman walks. And he did, rightly.

  • What a laughable scenario! All the evidence presented at the trial pointed to Martin as the aggressor. Even if he had his hand on his gun Zimmerman was being pummeled before he fired the fatal shot. Self defense. Shame on you for your veiled threat on Zimmerman's life.

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    "..1. In what universe would it have been possible for Martin to see the gun in Zimmerman's waistband, at his back?
    2. How in the world did that fat pussy get the gun from the holster in his waistband behind his back and with Martin directly on top of him?"

    That's exactly what I thought was the scenario! Good analysis and it makes sense.

  • Nothing unusual about a back thug turning around to pummel a weaker victim who's an affront to the thug's dominance. Martin's attack was considered and premeditated. I'm just disappointed that Zimmerman didn't shoot Martin in the face.

  • In reply to Neutrino:

    Thank you for commenting, you have provided me with an example of what I described in yesterday's blog as a Hater. You have nothing to add to life and your thinking is twisted and illogical.
    Even Zimmerman's jury, who heard all the evidence would know that it's preposterous to call Martin's actions premeditated. He was unarmed and had no way to know that he would happen upon anyone at all, much less an armed cop-wannabe, which is another category that I would guess you fall into.
    Martin also had no way of knowing that Zimmerman was a weak pussy or that he was armed and dangerous.
    There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest anything other than the fact that Trayvon Martin was doing exactly what he appeared to be doing, absolutely nothing except walking down the street minding his own business.
    It is only in the very small minds of the Haters does that become criminal behavior, punishable by death.
    Martin's only crimes that day were being black and wearing a hoodie. If George Zimmmerman had approached me that day, I believe I might have stood my ground and put a bullet through his nose, instead of just punching it.
    And yes, my small-minded, bigoted friend. Think about that at church.

  • I believe that the jurror came to a verdict based on what they had to consider. I personally think that the prosecution did a very poor job presenting the case. Nevertheless, George Zimmerman was found not gulity and it a free man, something that we all must accept. However, I do not believe his account of what happen. George, the good Lord and Travon knows the truth and Trayvon isn't here to tell his side. I had hope that the fact that there was no DNA of Trayvon on the gun, nor on George, except for on his jacket, I believe. I do beleive that when George Zimmerman got out of his vehicle, he got out with his gun ready. I do not see George getting out of his vehicle, following someone that he has deemed suspicious, referring to the person with ugly names, without his gun drawn. He did not know who he was following nor did he know if the Trayvon was carrying a weapon himself. Only a "fool," would walk into a situation that he considers to be dangerous, unarmed, and if he has a weapon in his possession, he will have it ready to use. George in my opinion pulled his weapon with the intent to use it. The defense talked about those 4 minutes, that Trayvon could have gone home, but suggested that Trayvon hide and waited for Zimmerman. I believe that if there were 4 minutes to be accounted, those 4 minutes were being used by Trayvon in hiding from this person that is following him. I can see a person, walking and discovers that someone is following him, hiding.... hoping that the person will soon past or go on about his business. But, because George was very familiar with the area, (as neighborhood watch he had to know), he found Trayon hiding and approached him with his gun. And again, my opinion, when George saw Trayvon was black, and was not a familiar face to him, wearing a "hoodie:, he assumed that Trayvon was one of those other guys that had been breaking into the homes. The problem, he killed an innocent yoiung man, that was guilty of wearing a hoodie, and walking at night in a neighbor that he thought was safe. He walked in the door and purchased his items with the hoodie on. The store clerk didn't freak out. I believe that if Trayvon had ran, he would have shot him his the back. I keep hearing George's fans say that he used self-defense and rightly killed this young man. I don't understand, nor will I ever understand how a person can claim self-defense when he pursued Trayon. Lets say that Trayvon did in fact attacked George, but ONLY after George followefd him and caused Trayvon to be afraid, and felt that he needed to fight. I believe in my heart that the voice on that recording is Trayvon, pleading mercy. I too would like to see George demonstrate how Trayon saddled George, beat him in the face, and THEN attempt to take a gun from George. George was not that out of shape. He was a big guy, and overwhelmed Trayvon. Furthermore, for George to state openly that he did God a favor, should tell people a lot about George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman is part of Sanford's community, Trayvon wasn't. He was not going to be found guilty.
    As for Neutrino, his statement is am example of the hate in America. Why would anyone wish that George had shot this young man in the face. In my closing, I want to say that everyday that we live, we are sowing seeds, either good or bad. The seeds that sow determines our blessings or curses, and so many times when we wish bad things to happen to others, we are digging a ditch for ourselves. Sometimes we don't see it right away, it may be years, or it might fall upon our children, grandchildren. Be careful what you wish upon another person. And remember, if you have children, grandchildren, cousins, nephews, the cruel death that happen to this young man, could one day face your own. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion about the event of this case, but no one should rejoice over the death of an human being. A senseless death it was, because the botton line is this, IF George Zimmerman had stayed in his vehicle and wait until law enforcement arrived Trayvon would be alive today. Trayvon did not cause his death, even if he attached Zimmerman because George Zimmerman is responsible for the chain of reaction that occured that night. Even if George Zimmerman statement is true, he provoke Trayvon to react. Trayvon had NO reason to attack George. He didn't attacked the store clerk, nor did he attack anyone, enroute to going home, therefore he had no intent to do harm to anyone. But, rest assure, George doesn't have to leave the country. Noone is going to do harm to him. People are very angry because they believe as I do, and the jurors that he got of with murder. But, mind you, being found not guilty, doesn't mean that you are innocent. OJ Simpson, was found not guilty, and I believe that he killed this wife and the young man, but he got off. But, today, he is serving time on a lesser charges than taking someone's life. OJ got off, he thought that he was invinciable, and I wonder if her ever truly repented. I say this to say that George is not afriad, at least I don't believe that he is. He is carrying a gun, and I am certain now more than ever he will use it if he feels threaten. He doesn't have to leave the country. Life Time will make a movie, he'll get a book deal, and live in wealth for killing Trayvon. But,I do agree with the juror, we can't hide from God. Trayon could not speak and tell his story. I had hoped that DNA and evidence will speal for him, and I think it did, but the prosecution just couldn't pull it together. I also feel that the judge should have admitted the recording as evidence. I believe that the jurors would not have acquitted him, no matter how faint. Both families have experienced so much, but the Martin much greater, the loss of their child. I will continue to pray for both families. If George Zimmerman is truly telling the truth, it is my prayer that he can begin to put his life together. But, if he lied a day of judgement will come, and justice for Trayvon will come.

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