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Paula Deen chopped by Food Network, dropped by Walmart and way off Target

Paula Deen chopped by Food Network, dropped by Walmart and way off Target
Paula Deen’s contract on the Food Network is cooked. She’s been kicked off Walton Mountain and now she’s off Target. What’s next for the cook cum business mogul? Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.   She made $17 Million in 2012, so I don’t think anyone’s going to have to set up a tag... Read more »

George Zimmerman and Dawn: Will 6 female jurors back him up?

Now that jury selection in the George Zimmerman murder trial is complete, six women will decide his fate. The trial begins tomorrow. (The “Dawn” in the title refers to Tony Orlando and Dawn, Orlando’s back up singers) There’s an old joke about not wanting your fate to be decided by people not smart enough to... Read more »

Jury selection continues in the George Zimmerman murder case

Prosecutors and defense attorneys continue questioning prospective jurors in the Second Degree Murder case against George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida.  Clips of the process have appeared on news channels and if I was facing a jury trial, I would be contemplating life in prison, my innocence notwithstanding. Like many things handed down to us more... Read more »

President George W. Bush’s approval rating is now a net positive

President George W. Bush (or Dubya, as some like to call him) has seen his approval rating skyrocket to better-than-even in the most recent Gallup polls. 49% of those question now view Dubya in a positive light, versus only 46% who view him in a negative light.  For the first time since 2005 more Americans... Read more »

The NSA whistleblower has disappeared

Edward Snowden, the man who leaked the story about the NSA’s far reaching data gathering is supposedly holed up in Hong Kong and seeking some kind of asylum in Iceland. I know what you’re thinking, so let’s get that out of the way right off the bat. If the NSA (CIA, FBI or any of... Read more »

We send kids to drive humvees in Afghanistan, but fine them for not wearing seat belts in Naperville, IL?

I think that’s all I have to say on the subject. Subscribe to the Chicago Board of Tirade * You will never get SPAM * Your email address will never be sold or given away * You will only receive emails on days I post. * You can unsubscribe at any time * You can... Read more »

John McCain says women should avoid military service until 'disgusting' sexual attacks have been eradicated

John McCain’s remarks about the military ( read here ) are generally respected by both sides of the aisle, as opposed to his willingness to engage in battle just about anywhere.  At the very least, his remarks about the growing and pernicious problem of sexual assault in the military underscore an explosive issue that can... Read more »