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Art Van Furniture comes to Chicago: A lesson in policy

It’s not often you get to say that the government-federal, state or local-did something smart. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember EVER saying that, at least not with a straight face. The recent announcement that Warren, MI-based furniture retailer Art Van will be opening in Chicago flips on a light, albeit a... Read more »

Jason Collins tells Sports Illustrated, "I'm gay". But where are the swimsuits?

Newsstands and sports fans are abuzz with the new Sports Illustrated story written by Jason Collins. Collins starts his story by announcing, “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” I was surprised, I did not know that Collins was 34. Collins’ article, written with Franz Lidz is a very personal and up-close... Read more »

The flood of 2013, Chicago's skyline, Obamacare and what ails America

One of Chicago’s many claims to architectural fame is the Home Insurance Building, America’s first skyscraper. At only 10 stories it was the first tall building to use vertical columns and horizontal beams for support, allowing for a windowed structure about 1/3 the weight of a masonry building. It was designed in 1885 by engineer... Read more »

Terrorism, WMD and things that go bump in the night

Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction are two terms first burned into our brains during the Bush (43) administration, mostly as a result of the attacks of 9/11. No one can argue with the threat or consequences of terrorism in our cities. No one can argue with the potency of fear as a great uniter... Read more »

To bus or not to bus: Is that really a question?

It’s not one of the looming issues of our day, but it comes up from time to time in fast-food Americana. Does Wendy have a right to expect us to clean our tables before we leave? Are we subjects of Burger King? Or should Ronald McDonald stop clowning around and make with the bus box?... Read more »

American Airlines System-wide shut down

I am here at the Denver airport for the second day. American’s 9:30 AM ¬†flight to Chicago this morning was held at the gat for a while, now they’re saying it’s a system-wide shut down. Needless to say, call ahead. More on this later.

Trayvon Martin and The Continental Divide

Trayvon Martin’s family has reached a settlement with the the Retreat at Twin Lakes Homeowners¬†Association¬†(Sanford, FL), in excess of $1 Million. The settlement was sealed by the Clerk of Courts, but the clerk, Maryanne Morse said that she may unseal it as it did not meet the criteria for a sealed settlement. Mark O’Mara, George... Read more »