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Chicago Public Schools: Almost 45 years and counting

I’m a product of the Chicago Public School system. It sounds weird when I say it out loud, but it’s true. I may even be the poster boy for CPS. My parents and most of my friends’ parents went to CPS. That really sounds weird. I’m no super-success story, no prototypical wonder boy. Just one... Read more »

F**k Gay Marriage: Doesn't the Supreme Court have better things to consider?

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts today said that marriage is just a label. He is absolutely right.  I can’t wait to tell my wife that we’re just “married”. Doesn’t mean anything.  Come to think of it, Supreme Court Justice is just a label.   Maybe I’m one of those. Maybe you are, too. If... Read more »

Winning the lottery and other myths and misconceptions: Part 3

Misinformation has a way of perpetuating itself, which was easily understandable in pre-internet, pre-24-hour-news cycle times. Now, not so much. The fact that anything and everything can be verified or disproved in 30 seconds is a tribute to the de-evolution of human integrity. Some stuff is just too insignificant to explore. Some stuff is of... Read more »

Winning the lottery and other myths and misconceptions: Part 2

As it turns out, the winning Powerball ticket was bought in New Jersey. Those of us here in Chicago who are ripping up our tickets this morning can console ourselves with the knowledge that we only had a 1 in 175 million chance of winning and the hope that some of that money will help... Read more »

Winning the lottery and other myths and misconceptions

I just checked my Powerball tickets and came away very disappointed.   Again.   The jackpot was $320 Million, about a $200 Million lump sum, maybe $130 Million after taxes, of which I had spent all but the last $10,000.  The kid in the commissary at 175 W. Jackson (Chicago) is probably bummed, as well. I... Read more »

New GOP rises from the ashes: Part Two

As promised yesterday, today we’re going to talk about the new party of inclusion. The big tent and one homophobe’s revelation. Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio was an outspoken critic of all things gay, including marriage between individuals of the same sex. Portman’s 2011 selection as commencement speaker at the University of Michigan law... Read more »

New GOP rises from the ashes: A deja vu all over again you gotta love

Like a phoenix of ancient Greece, the Republican Party rises up from its own ashes after a self-immolating crash and burn.  Skeptical?  Read on. A scathing report released by party leaders depicts the GOP as a bunch of old, White, stuffed shirts, completely out of touch with voters.  In the words of Party Chairman Reince... Read more »

David Letterman's Top 10 Biblical TV Shows

 DAVID LETTERMAN’S TOP TEN BIBLICAL TV SHOWS*  Number 10. “Leviticus & Shirley” 9. “Gomorroh Five-0” 8. “Curb Your Polytheism” 7. “Abstinence and the City” 6. “Monk” 5. “I Dream of Jesus” 4. “Parks & Resurrection” 3. “Two and a Half Wise Men” 2. “The Big Bang Theory Is a Lie” And the number 1 Biblical... Read more »

Pope Francisblends religious dogma with humanity and piety

The election of Pope Francis may well usher in a new era for the Catholic Church.     Who doesn’t love a guy named Jorge? While Argentinians are jumping for joy and headlines proclaim Jorge (Pope Francis I) to be the first non-European pope in 1,600 years, the seemingly unknown fact is that while Cardinal... Read more »

Chicago violence: A haystack with no last straw in sight

In this morning’s RedEye (a Chicago Tribune publication) Brian Moore asks if there is such a thing as a “last straw” when it comes to the senseless violence plaguing Chicago’s neighborhoods.  Brian says that he doesn’t know the answer.   I don’t either, but I’m not sure we’re asking the right question. We’ve seen our... Read more »