Chicago Board of Trade/Tirade

The Chicago Board of Trade is located on Jackson at the south end of LaSalle Street, here in downtown Chicago, IL. On top of the building is a statue of Ceres, goddess of agriculture and fertility in ancient Roman religion. It’s also a neat little restaurant in the lobby of the building, where happy hour drinks are poured full strength.

Based upon the fact that I worked on the floor of The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (now housed in the CBOT) for 27 years, Chicago Board of Tirade seemed like a clever name on many levels. That and the fact that Jimmy Greenfield, our boss liked it.

Like Dennis Miller, I too am known for rants and if you look up “rant” in the dictionary, you will find the word “tirade” listed as a synonym. Unabashedly, I admit that I do go on sometimes. I’m also aware that it is all to no avail, no one ever changes their mind, especially when you’re shouting at them like they’re idiots. Which they often are.

Anyone who ever worked on one of the trading floors back when there was actual trading done down there – now it’s all done on computers – knows that someone was always ranting about something. Sometimes it was politics or morality or general soap box stuff, but during the busy times it was always about money. Someone was always crying about something. They always said it wasn’t about the money, but it was always about the money. Grown men can be incredible babies.

Whether you know it as the Board of Trade or the Board of Tirade, it was definitely a place to try to make yourself heard. And that, my friends is what I am attempting here, in this forum. Like a dog who licks his balls, I rant because I can.

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