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Martin Luther King, Jr and the American presidency

Martin Luther King, Jr and the American presidency
Michelle Obama was reinstated as the First Lady yesterday in a small ceremony officiated by Chief Justice John Roberts, while Joe Biden was sworn in for his second term as Vice President by Justice Sonia Sotomayor. The Constitution mandates the ceremony take place on January 20 and this was only the 7th time it occurred... Read more »

In the wake of Sandy Hook: Gun control, Senator Feinstein and Joshua Boston, USMC

Nancy Lanza was a gun enthusiast and law-abiding, responsible citizen of Newtown, Connecticut who, seemingly posed no threat to her community.   Whether or not her son, Adam posed a discernible threat will be a matter of speculation ad nauseum.   What is not open to speculation is what Adam Lanza did with his mother’s... Read more »


As Illinois’ 97th General Assembly kicks the gay marriage can down to the 98th General Assembly (starting January 9, 2013), I can’t help but wonder why any state legislature should be called upon to consider such issues. Illinois has a $96 Billion black hole in its pension funding and is ranked 40th (out of 50)... Read more »