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Many of us in America have a special place in our hearts for the men and women of our Armed Forces.  Historians agree that if it were not for the intervention of America in WW II much of the world as we know it today would be speaking German and Japanese.   Tom Brokaw wrote... Read more »

Guns, guns and more guns: Life in Wayne's world

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newport, Connecticut re-ignited our nation’s simmering conflict between those who insist on having guns and those who insist on taking them away, the stereotypical dispersion pitting right-wing gun advocates against left-wing pacifists. The reality being less simplistic, less well-defined, most of us probably fall somewhere in the... Read more »

Ben Stein and Mike Huckabee want more God in our schools

Ben Stein and Mike Huckabee represent one of the three main camps of deep thinkers who have a solution to the scourge of gun violence. Of the three camps, gun-control, mental health and religion, Huckabee’s and Stein’s prescriptions for “more God” in our schools seem the least likely to have any effect whatsoever and the... Read more »

Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Conecticut

The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has shattered that community and once again re-defined our notion of safe harbor. To most, what happened in that once-bucolic, New England town is unthinkable. To many it will be unrecoverable. I’ve watched the coverage and read the blogs. To no avail I’ve tried over... Read more »

More fiscal cliff-hangers

The fiscal cliff is as much ballyhooed and feared as Y2K, pandemics and December 21 (the end of the world). For the record, I’m not a believer. This fiscal cliff will come and go as will many more, as long as we have partisan, self-interested and ideological douche bags running the show. One of my misguided, right wing,... Read more »

Ben Stein: Clinging to the Fiscal Cliff

Ben Stein weighed in on the looming fiscal cliff yesterday during one of his op-ed pieces on CBS’s Sunday Morning. While I may somewhat agree with Mr. Stein on his main thesis, I can’t help feeling a little skepticism about his actual motive. Most often Mr. Stein’s diatribes extol the virtues of fiscal conservatism and... Read more »

The Miracle of Christmas

This being my first blip of December, I’d like to start out by telling you about the REAL miracle of Christmas. I find it quite impossible to believe that Santa Claus is out there slipping up and down sooty, grimy chimneys, delivering back-breaking loads of toys to boys and girls all over the world when... Read more »