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Election 2012: Who are the winners and who are the losers?

As best as I can figure (and I can usually figure pretty well), Barack Obama’s re-election will be beneficial for most Americans. What, after all is America if not her 330 million inhabitants (or at least 99% of them)? For reasons that I may go into at a later date, I think that Tuesday’s election... Read more »

And the winner is...........

Forget the election, let’s talk Academy Awards. If there was an Oscar for a presidential candidate pretending to be something he’s not, Romney would walk away with it. He’s pretended to be so many different people in the last 18 months, he may not even know who he is.

Superbowl Tuesday

Now I know how football widows feel on Superbowl Sunday, just hoping to survive fiestas in their family rooms so they can get back to life sans football. As election years go, this one seems to have gone on forever, starting with a GOP primary lineup from hell. I don’t know if it was Michelle... Read more »

Growing old at your own pace

A letter in one of the men’s health magazines caught my eye and I couldn’t figure out if it was legit. You decide. A 65-year old man from Denver wrote in to say his wife wants him to stop skiing because he’s on blood thinners and a fall could cause him to bleed to death,... Read more »

Campaign 2012: It follows me to the train station

I got to the Deerfield train station this morning about 5:45 and immediately noticed a very long freight train stopped on the northbound tracks. Since I park on the east side of the station, the train blocked the platform crossing to the southbound trains. Perfect. I followed a couple other early morning commuters to the... Read more »

Winter in Chicago: There's still plenty to do

As the warm breezes of Indian summer turn into the blustery chill of autumn, Chicagoans prepare to gorge on Thanksgiving feasts and hunker down for the winter. Admittedly, nothing is more beautiful than summer in the city (“back of my neck getting dirty and gritty”)*. The lakefront at the doorstep of our downtown and the... Read more »