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Guns, Violence and Illegal Drugs: You can't have one without the other two

Talking about violence as if it’s the problem is like talking about diarrhea as if it were a disease, instead of just a symptom of a disease. The actual disease is cholera, the cause of cholera is unsanitary conditions which provide a fertile breeding ground for the bacteria that causes cholera. A good friend of... Read more »

Del Frisco's enters Chicago's steak house meat market

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House joins sister-steak house, Sullivan’s (Chicago, Naperville, Lincolnshire) in the battle of Chicago steak houses, taking on fixtures like Gibsons and Morton’s and newcomers like Mastro’s and Bavette’s. I’m still not trying to be a food critic, but the opportunity to check out the new place before its official opening... Read more »

Israel, Gaza, the Missiles of Hamas and My Young Friend, Phillip

Israel, Gaza, the Missiles of Hamas and My Young Friend, Phillip
Israel’s retaliation for relentless missile strikes from Gaza once again remind us that the most dangerous thing in the Middle East is a tiny nation of Jews trying only to survive. Surrounded by hostile Arab states and outnumbered 100 to 1, Israel has created an oasis of life in a desert wasteland. From an area... Read more »

Post-Thanksgiving thoughts: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and JFK

At Thanksgiving dinners across the nation yesterday, many Americans shared thoughts of gratitude over cranberries and stuffing.  Some, most I would hope made mention of our troops in harms way and expressed wishes for their safe return. After more than 11 years in Afghanistan, America and her soldiers have grown weary.  As a nation we’ve... Read more »

Motorcycling in Chicago: Winter doesn't have to mean the end of the riding season for the stout of heart

Motorcycling in the northern climes can make for very short riding seasons, especially for girly-men.  With the annual Toys For Tots parade coming up on Dec 2 (it’s always the first Sunday of December), I’m down to one riding buddy, my giant Norwegian friend. A lot of it seems to have to do with attitude.... Read more »

DEVON SEAFOOD GRILL: A restaurant that treats customers like they really want them to return

Devon Seafood Grill in Oak Brook, Illinois is a restaurant that has it all together (there’s another one on Chicago and Wabash for all you cliff dwellers). Immediately upon entering the atmosphere is casual and inviting, the clean lines and lighted shelves of the bar opposite the entry beckon. At 7:30 on this Saturday night... Read more »

Racism and misanthropy in the 21st Century: My contribution to a color-blind generation

Philosophically, I’m a misanthrope.  It’s not so much that I hate people, I just don’t get them.  They don’t know how to drive, question their beliefs or learn enough about anything to cast an intelligent ballot (obviously, I’m referring to other people).  I believe in mankind’s inherent selfishness and inability to grow.  Social scientists study... Read more »

SEALS: Mister Rogers wants his sweater back

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten one of the Mister Rogers/Lee Marvin/Captain Kangaroo things. (If you’ve never seen it and you’re interested, click here) Now that the election’s over, I suppose people are looking for new stuff to send around and re-cycling some of the old stuff. There’s nothing inherently wrong with thinking that... Read more »

J. Alexander's: Can I please know the price of my Tequila up front?

So, we’re hanging out deciding what to do for dinner. Lotsa suggestions, no decisions. “Let’s just go”, I say and we pile into the old Chevy station wagon, heading out with restaurant names and locations swirling in my mind, just out of reach. I closed my eyes and remembered a place about 15 minutes away... Read more »

Is the Tea Party the American Taliban?

A chain email with the following quote – and several images of Jesus, some of which looked uncannily like pictures of me in 1970 – arrived in my inbox the other day: “He is the only one that can save this country and they want him removed from the government. Our great nation will not... Read more »