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NFL and Player's Association Agree to 24 Hour Extension

The NFL owners and players agreed to a 24 hour extension of the current collective bargaining agreement on Thursday, in order to allow negotiations to continue. Federal mediator George Cohen broke the news saying, “The parties have agreed to a one-day extension.” NFL negotiator Jeff Pash said they had “good discussions and exchanges,” Thursday. He... Read more »

NFL Lockout For Dummies: The 2011 Labor Dispute Explained

Perspective Yes, you’re really reading this. In the most economically distraught times America has seen since the Great Depression, a thriving, multi-billion dollar per year business’ owners and employees can’t seem to see eye to eye… It’s millionaires battling with billionaires. So what are they fighting about? Well, lots of things. But the number one... Read more »

Federal Mediator Won't Get a New CBA Done

The news that the NFL and NFLPA agreed to mediation in their labor dispute was viewed as a positive sign that the two sides are serious about reaching an agreement before the current CBA expires at 11:59 p.m. ET on March 3. But don’t believe that nonsense. This is nothing more than a public relations move... Read more »