Bob's Bears Mock Draft 4.0

A lot has changed in the Bears’ world since my last mock. Phil Emery signed Jermon Bushrod to play LT and Martellus Bennett at TE. Therefore, it may be safe to say that those two positions can be crossed off of the first-round draft list for the Bears. In fact, there is rampant speculation that the Bears are actively trying to move down in the Draft to gain extra picks.

Meanwhile, both Urlacher and Roach are gone, and even though the team signed LB D.J. Williams, they need to draft someone to play the mike [middle] linebacker position long-term. Plus, they need linebacker depth in general.

With that in mind, I am drastically altering the early rounds from my previous mock, as you will see. Keep in mind that a lot of this is subjective, since we cannot get into the mind of Emery and his scouts. So feel free to disagree and tell me who you would pick if you did a mock. Enjoy!

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