Brian Urlacher: "I just want it to be over."

Brian Urlacher: "I just want it to be over."

Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher joined 104.3 K-HITS on Friday and voiced his always colorful opinion on the owner’s approved settlement, his future in Chicago and even his relationship status.

“I think there’s some shady stuff going on right now from ONE of the sides,” Urlacher said regarding the Thursday night deal. “I think the owners voted on a deal that wasn’t OK’d by the players. We agreed on something else, but they voted on something totally opposite.”

Interesting that Brian is aware of the deal’s specifics after players sounded off so vehemently that they had not even seen the deal.

Despite Brian’s feelings towards the owner-approved deal, he remains confident that the lockout will still end soon and everything will work out. “It will. I know it will,” Urlacher said. “I just want it to be over.”

Should the lockout continue into the season, Urlacher was asked if a player of even his status could make his paychecks stretch over a twelve month period. “I don’t think so,” he said.

Brian continued by saying that while players wouldn’t be getting regular paychecks, should they not agree to a deal, forcing the lockout to continue, he hopes most players are not living paycheck to paycheck. “When the smallest check a guy is getting in the NFL is $9,000 after taxes for one week, man I hope not.”

For Brian, and many other NFL players, the owner-proposed 18-game regular season schedule had been a sticking point towards getting an agreeable CBA. But that bargaining chip was tossed out the window by the league months ago.

“I don’t think [an 18-game schedule] helps anybody,” Urlacher said. “All the owners talk about these days is player safety … How can you add two more games to our season if you are worried about our safety?”

Brian will be entering his 12th season with the Bears this year and says he hope to finish his career in Chicago. “Hopefully, I’ll play for the Bears until I retire,” he said. “I’d like to play three or four more years.”

We hope you do too, Brian!

Oh yeah, so is Urlacher dating anyone? Listen to find out.

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