NFL Players Could Return to Work This Week


The Walter Payton Center at Halas Hall has been closed to Bears players since March 11.

It will be two weeks ago, Wednesday of this week, that Unites States District Judge Susan Nelson concluded the injunction hearing brought fourth by the NFL Players.

Nelson said on April 6 that it would take her a couple of weeks to issue her ruling. In the meantime, however, she ordered the League and Players back to federal mediation.

It’s unclear exactly how those talks – which resumed today – are going, but it’s likely that all parties involved are waiting for Nelson’s ruling before committing to anything. The ruling could certainly shift leverage one way or the other.

Going by Nelson’s timeline, we should expect to hear something on the injunction ruling this week. Depending on the results of that, NFL players could return to work before the week’s end.

There are several ways in which Nelson could rule this week. The different scenarios are outlined here.

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