Bears Wide Receiver Rashied Davis Determined to Keep Players Working During Lockout


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Bears wide receiver Rashied Davis has been dealt a fair share of criticism in Chicago from a fan-base simply looking for more consistency at wide receiver. But despite Davis’ struggles, he’s always been touted as a leader on the Bears’ roster.

In 2006, Bears’ quarterback Rex Grossman called Davis one of the hardest workers on the team. His coaches have always praised both his work ethic and leadership in the locker room.

Davis acted as a substitute player representative back when the NFLPA was still in place. Earlier this month Davis talked about the impending lockout and what it meant to the players: “We want to play, that’s our deal,” Davis said. “We really don’t want anything changed with the CBA. Basically, we want a fair deal.”

It was apparent at the time that Davis wanted to get a deal done and to get back on the field. But even in the midst of a lockout, Davis has plans to continue working with his teammates this offseason.

The six-year veteran told the Chicago Tribune that he intends to organize off-facility workouts between himself and his fellow offensive teammates, sometime in the next few weeks.

“We’ll figure something out,” Davis said. “The problem is with running routes; it’s hard to find a field big enough. I’m going to personally try to find one.”

Davis said it was backup quarterback Caleb Hanie who first contacted him asking if he would be interested is getting together to throw the football around. Davis then decided to take it to the next level, contacting fellow receivers Johnny Knox and Devin Hester.

Davis did say he would obviously like quarterback Jay Cutler to be a part of any independent player workouts.

And while Davis has concerns about finding a facility large enough to operate the Bears’ passing offense, it may not be as big of an issue as it seems. Allstate Arena General Manager Pat Nagle told the tribune, “it would be fine with us,” assuming the Allstate’s AFL team the Chicago Rush is also in agreement.

Davis said he would ultimately like to see the quarterbacks and receivers get together at least twice each week, until an agreement is reached between the NFL and its players.

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