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Ai Weiwei Detained by Chinese Government

As international artist Ai Weiwei was about to board a plane in Beijing on April 3rd he was detained by Chinese authorities. He has not been heard from since, as of this writing. image via: Benutzer: Hafenbar at de.Wikipedia Those who follow this blog, my twitter stream and my writing elsewhere, will know that I... Read more »

Chicago Needs a Living Daumier, Cont'd

This week we have been discussing Honoré Daumier‘s art, which incorporated his satire of Parisian politics and society.  Given the state of Chicago and Illinois politics, I think this is the perfect time for Chicago’s artists to take up Daumier’s mantle and mock, to provoke recognition and change.  Even better, it seems that many artists... Read more »

Chicago Needs a Living Daumier

Honoré Daumier was a 19th century French artist who caricatured contemporary French society; its politicians, its bourgeoisie and its social behaviors.  In 21st century Chicago we need Daumier’s spirit to live again.  We certainly have enough to mock. Honoré Daumier. “Self Portrait.” Cast 1956. Daumier’s artistic output was dominated by his printmaking (he produced over... Read more »