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Rainn Wilson and the LA County Museum of Art

Actor Rainn Wilson, best known for his portrayal of “fascist nerd” (Wilson’s own words) Dwight Schrute on NBC’s “The Office,” took over the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Twitter feed from Friday afternoon, August 6th, to just before midnight on the following Saturday.  What could have been an interesting opportunity fizzled out like... Read more »

The Artistic Spirit of Satire--Daumier Continued

We’ve been looking at the spirit of 19th century French artist Honoré Daumier this week and last week on the Chicago Art Blog.  Last week we looked at Daumier himself a bit, then we looked at Daumier’s legacy and a Chicago Reader cover.  This week we’ve been discussing the Chicago Aldermen and a recent exhibition... Read more »

The Artistic Spirit of Satire--Daumier Continued

Last week the Chicago Art Blog was looking at the artwork of Honore Daumier and what Chicago could learn from his legacy and how it could be carried on.  I pointed out a recent cover of the Chicago Reader as a heir to Daumier’s legacy of satire, as well as a bronze bust by Daumier... Read more »

Thank God: "God Bless America" Gone

It looks like the “unknown date” of the departure for J. Seward Johnson’s God Bless America was yesterday, Thursday February 25th. (Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune) I had to smile when I read James Janega’s description of the event: “Yes, artist J. Seward Johnson’s beloved statue remake of American Gothic on Michigan Avenue was taken down... Read more »

On the Naughty List: Aon gets another lump o' coal

It appears that the Aon Center has been a naughty building this holiday season, because it has received yet another lump of coal (read: antenna) again marring its dominating vertical facade. The top of the Aon now looks like this: We may recall that previously the building received its first antenna (see below) in July,... Read more »