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Street Art on a Short Walk

I visited 65GRAND over the weekend and a short walk down Grand Avenue from the Blue line station took a bit longer as I stopped to document all the street art I found along the way.  I’ll identify the artists as I am able, aided by Joseph J. Depre’s Chicago Street Art book.  While I... Read more »

Shepard Fairey Interview

Photo: Jonny Cournoyer
Before he started spinning records at Art Chicago’s preview party, I had a few minutes to actually sit down and talk with Shepard Fairey.  Fairey and I were able to cover a lot of topics in a short period of time.  Here is some of our conversation, you can find the rest on ArtSlant. On... Read more »

Art Chicago, NEXT Wrap Up

Well it has been a couple of weeks since the Art Chicago weekend extravaganza and the results are in, as one might say. • My take on Art Chicago is posted on ArtSlant. • Joel Kuennen finds some highlights in the British galleries presenting artwork. • Steve Ruiz spots the trends at the fair. • I... Read more »

Art Chicago, NEXT

Last night was the preview for Art Chicago, newly combined with NEXT this year.  The big news was that Shepard Fairey was in attendance and DJing later in the night.  There was no shortage of star-struck fans waiting for autographs while Fairey played old-school hits like Blondie’s “Rapture” along with vintage hip-hop.  I was able... Read more »

Shepard Fairey to create "special project" at Art Chicago

Art Chicago announced last week that Shepard Fairey, street artist and creator of the iconic HOPE poster for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, both seen below, will show at Art Chicago (4/29-5/2) and creating a special installation for it. Unfortunately I don’t know what Fairey will come up with, the press release for the event only... Read more »

Richard Serra Sculpture Vandalized

Details of exterior
Last Sunday I discovered that Richard Serra’s Reading Cones in Grant Park was vandalized recently. As you can see from the pictures the damage was fortunately inflicted with chalk, thus last night’s rain handily removed most of the chalk. However as you can tell, outlines remain and the patina is not uniform (though it never... Read more »

Art and the Revolutions in the Middle East

Displaying something upside down is also a symbol of disrespect.
As revolution sweeps across the Middle East, art and graffiti has played a big role in communicating attitudes and making change happen.   A major guiding artistic light seems to be Shepard Fairey and his patterned prints as well as his iconic “HOPE” poster, originally used to promote President Obama’s campaign as I’m sure we... Read more »

Graffiti Legal in Chicago?

The City of Chicago spends nearly $9 million to paint over gang tags and throw up.  But in that process they also destroy countless works of street art that are ignorantly lumped in with gang graffiti. $9 million seems like an awful lot of money to be spending on graffiti removal, especially when their budget... Read more »

Banksy Found?

Image courtesy of Fake Shore Drive
Banksy is a reclusive and secretive street artist who has made headlines around the globe for his innovative and eye-catching street art as well as his recent movie about it “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which he debuted in Chicago. I was walking through the Loop yesterday and found this stencil piece, which looks very... Read more »

Art and the Blagojevich Trial

Art and the Blagojevich Trial
While the trial of impeached former governor Rod Blagojevich continues today, last Thursday I joined Chicago artist Ray Noland (aka CRO) down at the Federal Courthouse.  Noland and the crew from the Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) passed out his Blagojevich-themed cupcakes to promote his upcoming show at the gallery. The cupcakes featured the famous... Read more »