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Northwestern Poised to Demolish Architectural Masterpiece

Tomorrow it seems all but certain that Northwestern University will receive a demolition permit for old Prentice Women’s Hospital, designed by modern architect Bertrand Goldberg, even as the Art Institute of Chicago plans to celebrate that architect’s work in a exhibition slated for early 2012. The threat to the old Prentice Hospital has been closely... Read more »

Art Museums: Should they be about Art or Weddings?

Today’s front page article on the Chicago Tribune about brides and their anger over a new installation at the Art Institute of Chicago has sparked a flurry of discussion both online and offline. The Art Institute describes its new installation, “Restless Rainbow” by Pae White, as a “riot of color and play.” (José M. Osorio,... Read more »

Ai Weiwei Detained by Chinese Government

As international artist Ai Weiwei was about to board a plane in Beijing on April 3rd he was detained by Chinese authorities. He has not been heard from since, as of this writing. image via: Benutzer: Hafenbar at de.Wikipedia Those who follow this blog, my twitter stream and my writing elsewhere, will know that I... Read more »

The Artistic Spirit of Satire--Daumier Continued

We’ve been looking at the spirit of 19th century French artist Honoré Daumier this week and last week on the Chicago Art Blog.  Last week we looked at Daumier himself a bit, then we looked at Daumier’s legacy and a Chicago Reader cover.  This week we’ve been discussing the Chicago Aldermen and a recent exhibition... Read more »

Matisse, Interview with Angel Otero

Over the weekend, the Art Institute of Chicago debuted “Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913-1917,” and my interview with Angel Otero, who currently has an exhibition at the Cultural Center, also posted. Installation view of Angel Otero’s “Exquisito” (on right) in “Constellations” at the MCA. Image courtesy of Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago | Berlin. Erik Wenzel has... Read more »

Art Institute Debuts "Matisse" this Weekend

From the Art Institute of Chicago: Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913-1917 examines the period of Matisse‘s production from his return to Paris from Morocco in 1913 to his departure for Nice in 1917. Though this period spans only five years, it represents a major turning point in Matisse‘s career, the years when he developed his most... Read more »

Abstract Expressionist Stamps!

The Postal Service is continually teetering on some sort of disaster with threats of privatization, ending Saturday delivery and closing post offices (even the mailbox at the end of my street mysteriously vanished last week, I presume it was a victim of downsizing). However, these gloomy prospects haven’t stopped them from launching what look to... Read more »

Robert Smithson's "Chalk-Mirror Displacement" Damaged

The Modern Wing seems to be taking some lumps from the public, last week the Modern Wing was hit with graffiti, this week a visitor stumbled into Robert Smithson’s Chalk-Mirror Displacement breaking a mirror. The Art Institute of Chicago. Detail of Facade, Photo credit: Charles G. Young, Interactive Design Architects. According to Kristen Mack of... Read more »

Modern Wing Bombed

If you haven’t heard by now, on Sunday night the Modern Wing of the Art Institute was tagged by graffiti artists, or ‘writers.’ Yes, Renzo Piano’s pristine $294 million addition to the Art Institute has been deflowered.  On Monday, Mayor Daley’s Graffiti Blasters team was outside of the East face of the building sandblasting the... Read more »

Super Bowl, Sports and Art

Last week the Chicago Art Blog picked up what I called an “Artful Wager,” an agreement between the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art where the winning team/city/museum of the Super Bowl would receive a prominent painting from the other as a loan. The idea for the wager began on... Read more »