About CAB

The Chicago Art Blog is written and maintained by Abraham Ritchie.  You can contact Abraham by email at abraham@artslant.com Follow him on Twitter: @AbrahamRitchie
The Chicago Art Blog was originally started in early 2008. I intend to continue that kind of arts coverage:

"to discuss art-related subjects in an open manner. Conversation will
focus on Chicago but is by no means limited to just this city, the
Midwest in general will also be a focus and I expect conversation to
cover other national and international topics."

About the Author: Abraham Ritchie is the Editor for ArtSlant: Chicago, an art-focused website that features art openings, a gallery directory, artist webpages, and weekly reviews of exhibitions in Chicago.  Abraham also writes for NewCity, albeit infrequently now.  He has previously written on art for Madison Newspapers, Inc., both online and in print.  Abraham  has a degree in Art History from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.