Chicago Art Digest on CAB (8/30)

Once again, I’m aggregating the Chicago art writing.  That is, articles from Chicago sources or about Chicago art from a variety of sources.   As the openings begin next week the art season will start to take off and I’m looking forward to it. As always post anything I’ve missed in the comments.

60 Inches from Center

Peter Mars – ‘Lift’ing Up Where Andy Warhol Left Off ” – Peter Mars shows Warhol-inspired work at Mars Gallery. (Molly Stankovsky)

WI Rise Up: An Exhibition of Posters and Photographs from the 2011 Wisconsin Labor Movement ” – Labor protest posters from Wisconsin are shown in Chicago. (Lindsey Anderson)

Holly Murkerson – Landlocked Blue ” – Murkerson talks about the sea and her exhibition at Julius Caesar Gallery. Quote: “The space of Julius Caesar was landlocked itself ” (Amanda Mead)

You Should Come: One Night Only” -Interview with Mothergirl, an artist duo who participated in a performance art exhibition at Roxaboxen. (Julie Niemi)


Center Field | Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park” –  Quote: “Though little-known, The Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park is a refreshing alternative to indoor galleries, and delightful way to view contemporary sculpture.” (Terri Griffith)


Display” – Review of “Splay” at Roxaboxen Exhibitions. Quote: ““Splay” gestures towards contemporary standards of eroticism and the state of the erotic as a reflexive component in the construction of self.” (Joel Kuennen)

Actual Presence Suggested” – Review of “This is the same as that” at LVL3. Quote: “Is that a carefully cast and meticulously replicated banana, or are we just staring at a banana?” (Steve Ruiz)

Lost and Found at the Art Institute” – Review of “Windows on the War.” Quote: “Likely disregarded at the time as a populist, “lesser” art form, the posters were stashed away for decades until museum renovations in 1997 revealed the surprise acquisitions deep in a storage closet in the Department of Prints and Drawings.” (Mia DiMeo)

The Soviet Arts Experience” – Summary of the remaining events for the Soviet Arts Experience. (Mia DiMeo)

Our Origins” – Review of “Our Origins” at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. Quote: “If there was one thing that “Our Origins” lacked, it certainly wasn’t ambition.” (Abraham Ritchie)

Bad at Sports

Episode 312 (6 Years!): TASS Posters” – Quote: “Richard talks to Peter Zegers and Jill Bugajski about their work on the stellar new show at the Art Institute of Chicago Windows on the War”

Found Sound Walks on a Saturday Afternoon” – Quote: “On Saturday, August 13th Penny Duff and Michael Slaboch put together a series of “intimate music and audio art” events throughout Chicago’s Ukranian Village.” (Caroline Picard)

Chicago Tribune

Sizing up Chicago’s public art” – Curators James Rondeau (Art Institute of Chicago) and Michael Darling (Museum of Contemporary Art) comment on Chicago’s public art. Quote from Darling: “Maybe this preponderance of negative feedback about the Johnson is kind of a good indication of the sophistication in Chicago for prevailing tastes.” (Lauren Viera)


Cutting the Bullshit” – Feature on the Bruce High Quality Foundation. Quote: “Whether you agree with Saltz that BHQF are bullshit detectors, or think they are merely purveyors of art-world bullshit instead” (Jennifer Swan)

MA vs MFA Smackdown” – The current situation of art school students is considered. Quote: “It should come as no surprise that, at an art school, students seeking a degree in a field that can’t be qualified as studio arts might feel precarious about their place.” (Thania Rios  with additional reporting by Daryl Meador )


Heidi Norton” – Review of Heidi Norton at Ebersmoore in April/May. Quote: “From the office cubicle cactus to the tinselled Christmas tree, houseplants are casual signifiers of comfort and happiness, but they also serve aesthetic and symbolic functions.” (Jason Foumberg)


Review: Sabina Cosic/Chicago Photography Center” – Quote: “a tale of sibling rivalry that puts Cain and Abel to shame for its utter descent into horrifying absolute evil” (Michael Weinstein)

Review: Aron Gent/Hyde Park Art Center” – Quote: “The result is visual shaggy-dog humor (and Gent gives us one of those canines elsewhere) spiked with a shot of dyspepsia.” (Michael Weinstein)

Review: Renovation Creep/Antena Gallery” – Quote: “In “Renovation Creep,” Antena gallery’s current show, Daniel Bruttig, Joseph Cassan and Erin Thurlow remake the gallery as a dysfunctional domestic environment of desiccated ephemera (perhaps a foreclosed hoarder home) similarly inhabited by ambient menace.” (Bert Stabler)

Review: Elsa Muñoz/National Museum of Mexican Art” – Quote: “So rare that when it happens, a painting screams for attention, as the work of Elsa Muñoz did when noticed by distinguished Chicago painter Marcos Raya in 2009 at the now-defunct Around the Coyote art fair.” (Chris Miller)

Eye Exam: A Summer at the Poor Farm” – A report on the experimental art happening at the Poor Farm. Quote: “You couldn’t get farther from the jockeying and social positioning of the international art world than Manawa, Wisconsin.” (Christopher Sperandio)

411: The Coyote Howls Again” – News piece about the 2nd edition of the Coyote Arts Festival. Quote: ““It’s an eclectic good time,” says Charlie Rees.” (Erin Kelsey)

Review: Splay/Roxaboxen Exhibitions” – Quote: “I didn’t expect a youthful art show to represent sex” (Bert Stabler)

Review: Our Origins/Museum of Contemporary Photography” – Quote: “Alison Ruttan steals the show with her epic scenario series ” (Michael Weinstein)

The Spectator

Marilyn Monroe Makes Chicago’s Mile Much Less Magnificent” – An essay comparing Chicago’s public art and the interactions that they prompt. Quote: “Kapoor and Plensa ask us to consider what a more perfect union might look like; Johnson asks us to look up a dress. ” (Abraham Ritchie)

TimeOut Chicago

Mouthing (The Sentient Limb)” – Review of “Mouthing” at Hyde Park Art Center. Quote: “Though Dani Leventhal and Steve Reinke’s video Picnic (2006) almost made me vomit, that’s not an indictment of an exhibition aiming for a visceral response.” (Lauren Weinberg)

Michael Dinges: Artifacts from the Recent Present” – Review of Michael Dinges at the Chicago Cultural Center. Quote: “Attention, would-be scrimshaw artists: Macintosh laptops make fine substitutes for sperm-whale teeth.” (Lauren Weinberg)


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