Chicago Art Digest on CAB (8/16)

Continuing from last week, I’m trying to aggregate all the Chicago art writing.  BUILT was the talk of the town last week, it seems.  Again, I’m sure I’m missing pieces, so please post them in the comments.

60 Inches from Center
“Art on the Ave: A Recap of the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival” – Short recap of the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. (Lindsey Anderson)

“Heaven Gallery: An Interview with David Dobie by Heejin Jinny Koo “ – Interview with David Dobie the founder of Heaven Gallery. (Heejin Jinny Koo)

“Sixty on Sixty: An Interview with Jenny Lam”  – A writer for SIFC, Jenny Lam, is interviewed about her interests and work with Zhou B Center, 4Art, by another SIFC writer. (Jennifer Nalbantyan)

“On Public Art: Catching up with Likeone “ – Interview with the graffiti artist Likeone about his new mural along with talking about his other influences. (Nicolette Caldwell)


“Photocopied Rebellion” – Collage, rebellion and Punk rock fanzines at the Public Collectors organization. Quote: “We need to brazen the frigidity of an “art world” in which freedom of expression is sanitized by austerity measures triggered by a few douches in Congress.” (Pedro Vélez)


“Leave of Absence” – Erik Wenzel reflects on his over 20 years of living in Chicago on the occasion of moving to Europe.  Quote: “This is what makes Chicago feel like it is caught in a perpetual loop.” (Erik Wenzel)

“Short Fuze” – A review of the BUILT festival. Quote: “Art fair, craft sale, street fest, busker stage, booze party, puppy park, cupcake sale—what is BUILT Festival? I still don’t know, but this “new art initiative” could have been so much more with so much less.” (Mia DiMeo)

“The Best of Erik Wenzel on ArtSlant” – The best articles Erik Wenzel wrote for ArtSlant, selected by his editor. (Abraham Ritchie)

Bad at Sports

Episode 311: David Hoffos and the Fulton Street Collective” – Interview with the artist David Hoffos and an art and music collective.

Links to start your Monday off” – Claudine Isé picks some good art links, including more than a few I’ve missed on Art21’s blog.

Hyperjunk: Notes on the installation of media objects” – Nicolas O’Brien considers the curatorial moves he made in his exhibition “A Small Forest” at Kunsthalle New as well as the larger questions around curating new media art. (Nicolas O’Brien)

Ghosties: An interview with Anthony Elms” – Art dynamo Anthony Elms talks about ghosts, postmodernism and queer spirits. (Caroline Picard)

Chicago Tribune

Built Festival isn’t for the faint of art” – Interview with Tristan Hummel about his BUILT festival. (Lauren Viera)


“Seven-Year Kitsch”Forever Marilyn receives more negative criticism, “[The artist, J. Seward Johnson, is] always succeeding in sucking the emotion from iconic moments in cinema and art.” (Mia DiMeo)

TimeOut Chicago

“Our Origins” at the Museum of Contemporary Photography” – Review of “Our Origins” at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. (Lauren Weinberg)

The Chicago Artists Coalition introduces Starving Artist and the BOLT Residency” – Profile of the new programs from CAC. (Lauren Weinberg)

“Built Festival comes to Wicker Park” – Interview with BUILT festival’s director, Tristan Hummel. Quote: [Says Hummel,] “Frankly, a lot of artists shop at ALDI.” (Lauren Weinberg)

“The Post Family at Chicago Urban Art Society” – Review of the Post Family’s “Collections” exhibition. (Laura Pearson)


411: Built Festival Shows Art That Can Be Contained” – Short news piece on BUILT. (Erin Kelsey)



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